Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catching Up on the Weekend

Hey, Y'all,
Yeah, here it is the weekend, already! I got Gramps up this morning by making a good breakfast (no cereal) of Ham/eggs/homemade biscuits/coffee, and he got up and ate. Then he promptly went into the living room, and sat down in his easy chair. The living room was dark because no lights were on, and it is kind of dreary outside. He went to sleep.

I was online chatting with Teresa, and checked on him. He was sleeping so I just told him to go on back to bed if he wished, and there he is, resting on his breakfast, so to speak.

This has been a kind of slow week, although that can be kind of nice, you know. I did learn from Imazo that her sister, Lois, in Ohio, is beginning to improve a little, and is probably going to be back in the nursing home soon. She had broken a hip in a fall, and had to go to the hospital, and after it had been operated on, she had been able to be back in the nursing home, but then had to go back to the hospital. She was not eating well while in the hospital, but seems to be doing a little better now. I will keep you updated as I learn more. I know it is so difficult for family who is living so far away as Imazo, Dorothy, and Barbara are, to deal with a sister being so ill.

Jeff is home from the hospital, and trying to recover from the inner ear infection that put him in there. He can't drive or go to work yet, because he is still having trouble not being dizzy when he stands up. He is on medication to take care of the infection.

I have to go on Monday to the eye specialist to see about the cornea is one of my eyes. I will listen carefully to what he tells me, and after prayerful consideration, will try to decide the best thing for me to do. I know that if he does a corneal transplant, a lot of things can go wrong, and it can take from 6 months to 17 months to recover from it. I just don't know if that would be feasible (sp?) for me or not. I am really quite leary of having such delicate eye surgery.

Ooops! I just remembered, I have to fill out the paperwork on my medical history. I just hate doing that! I am always afraid I will forget some important stuff, when I do that. Oh, well! Que sera sera!

I have 40 flowers to stitch around on my grandson's quilt. I will work on that sometime today, also have laundry left to finish today. Folding, drying, putting away, you know the drill!

I finally got Gramps into the shower last afternoon. It had been a couple or so days, and he just hates to do that, but I did it very sweetly. God is helping me to deal compassionately with Gramps and is teaching me patience. The reward is great. I find humor to be quite helpful in day to day stressful situations, don't you?

Cbristmas shopping has begun in my household. Gramps brought the money in his billfold to me and told me to buy something for myself for Christmas. I will have to really look hard to decide what I want to buy for myself, and wrap for under the tree. I did get our 32" fiberoptic tree put up in the living room window. I turn it on at night and we sit there and watch it change colors in between watching whatever is on television. I found gifts for the great grandchildren, and will be wrapping them soon. Sorry, kids, I'm not going to spill the beans about what I bought for you.

I am planning on going into Knoxville on Monday after my eye appointment and taking Mae and Imazo Christmas shopping.

We are hoping that Tom and Teresa will be back up for Christmas. It is wonderful that they live so close to us now!

The temperature was down to below freezing again last night. We (or I) have been waking up to a heavy frost on the ground each morning that looks like a baby snow.

Well, I must stop for now, and do the rest of the laundry, and maybe get the floors cleaned for the weekend. I also need to get back to my quilting. It is almost noon and the day is slipping quickly away. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. May each of you not work too hard, find time to sit and relax, and appreciate God's handiwork around you. Love to all of you, my friends. Bye for now!



Hi Ruby thanks for the visit, hope your impending visit to the eye specialist turns out ok, I really enjoy reading your blogs as I can imagine you just the other side of the room speaking all you wrote just to me.
Take care see you soon.


Judy said...

Your breakfast sounds wonderful. Hope you have a good visit to the eye doctor. It has been cold and snowy here, too. Temps in the teens. You always amaze me at all the things you do and how busy you are.