Thursday, September 18, 2008

Winding Up Our Stay

Hi, Y'all,

I know that this is a really great place if you need to be here, but we will be glad to be back home tomorrow evening. The staff here has been wonderful to us and it has been a pleasant experience for us to be surrounded by so many caring people.

Another night sleeping on the love seat and not too bad this morning. Actually, getting up a few times during the night kind of helps, so that there is not a lot of stiffness in the back.

When I went out for supper last night, I decided to try the local Applebee's Restaurant, which meant I had to take a turn left onto Bechtle, instead of a right turn toward the majority of the eating places and toward Wal-mart. I had not turned that way before, although I had seen the Bob Evans and Applebee's each time I had gone toward Wal-mart. I had the Veggie Patch Pizza at Applebee's, but it had a lot more Mozzarella on it than the one in Knoxville does. It seems I am becoming a connesieur (sp?) of restaurants here, since I have been eating supper out each night. Two weeks of that can make one a little choosy, I think. I also found the Target store, but didn't visit it.

The liason here for home health care has made arrangements for Gramps to have home visits for physical therapy, speech therapy (actually training in remembering) and home health care for a short time which will all be covered by Medicare. It is really great to know they take care of all the contacting and setting up of these services.

The daytime weather here is in the low 70's, and wonderful to get out into, (which I do as much as possible). I think it gets down into the upper 40's and 50's at night. Oh, how wonderful it is going to be to get home and open our windows and let in the fresh night air!

Gramps is in physical therapy right now and when he gets through with that, he will be getting a shower. Actually, I was headed with him to the shower this morning and got headed off at the pass, and told that the therapist had to do that later, because here only staff can do the assistance in showers. It was later explained to me that while he is here, they are held responsible if anything should happen to the patient. I thought I was doing them a favor by getting him cleaned up. Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

A little later today, I will be getting all our stuff organized and carrying down the majority of it that won't be needed tomorrow.

Well, that is all for today, I guess. I may add something later. Love to all of you. Blabbin' Grammy is signing off for right now. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...


I am so glad that your and Dub's ordeal is over. We tried to phone you yesterday about 9 your time. You may have been in la-la land on the love seat (ouch!).

It's gonna be a tough row for you to hoe with Dubby in the future. Praying for both of you. Memories of my Dad's physical and mental decline are still fresh, and believe me, I DO feel your pain.

Compliments on your dietary choices and restaurant reviews. I like the pecan crusted chicken cranberry salad at Applebees. Never have eaten at a Bob Evans. Eat as often as we can at the Tucson's an hour drive for us but we go there so Vern can get his "okra fix".

Wishing you a safe trip back to the greenest state in the land of the free....Luv, andweeah

Mom B said...

Drive careful, and let us know when you guys get home! Love you!