Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Update

Hey, Y'all,
We had a pretty good night last night, all things considered. I woke up several times to check on Gramps, so not a continuous night's sleep, but had lots of dreams. For me, a night without dreams would be like a day without sunshine. I think they actually help me rest.

I was able to have my cereal for breakfast this morning, because I stopped yesterday at Kroger's and got a box of my favorite cereal, some plastic bowls and plastic spoons. This morning I went down to the cafeteria (loosely named) and bought a small carton of 2 percent milk. Finished up my breakfast with a fresh peach that I bought at Krogers a couple of days ago. Saved myself some money that way, and avoided a heavy breakfast of eggs, gravy and biscuits. I would hate to get home and have people ask "What happened to Ruby? She looks ten pounds heavier." ha.

Gramps is in therapy right now and will be doing therapy for a good while yet. I am using a computer that is at the end of the hall on this floor (3rd).

He is still bothered with headaches and neck aches. I did some computer research yesterday concerning high blood sugar and headaches. I discovered that there is a correlation between high or low blood sugar and headaches. They had been giving him orange juice along with other stuff for breakfast, and his blood sugar had been hitting high numbers. (360, 340, etc.) I told them down at the nurses station yesterday about my research and they acted like they didn't have any idea such a thing could happen. So this morning his breakfast was composed of: cheerios - the little individual package, 2 percent milk, a slice of bread toasted, with a pat of butter and an individual package of sugar free jelly, and coffee.

The nurse told me while ago that she had had them put biofreeze on his neck while ago. So I guess they are beginning to take his blood sugar count more seriously as considering his headache and neckaches.

BTW, he doesn't like the silky boxing type outer wear shorts I bought for him. He wants to wear his tight around the waist walking shorts. He told me I could wear the boxing like shorts. Ha.

Well, that is about all for today. I did talk to Lois' daughters yesterday and she is back in the nursing home in her home town of Enon, Ohio. I know they are glad to have her out of the hospital and back in her home town.

NEWS FLASH...Our new great granddaughter is to be born by C-section this afternoon. Congratulations to the proud parents.. Andrew and Julia.
That is all from Blabbin' Grammy for right now. Love to all of you. Bye for now. More news as it happens (or soon after)


Barbara said...

RUby,I just read all your blogs
for the last few days. Things are
sounding a little better.Hope you
all get home soon.
I will remember you both in prayer.
by for now.

Judy said...

Congratulations on having a new granddaughter! Sounds like your husband has not lost his sense of humor if he wants you to wear the shorts. lol. You all seem to be doing pretty good with the circumstances you have to deal with. Hope things continue to improve and you will be able to leave there soon.