Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Found It!

Hi, Y'all!
Well, yes, I did. I found it! One of the nurses here drew me a map and I found my favorite place to shop here in Springfield. Have you guessed what "it" is? Yes, the great place known as Wally-World. Or to the more uninitiated, Wal-mart.

I was looking to buy some water-proof mattress pads for our new twin beds, which were delivered to our home while we were up here. Our good friend, Mark, took care of that task for us! Thank you so very much, Mark.
I also bought a small bouquet of flowers to brighten up the room a little. I also bought an inexpensive cd player that he can listen to some of his cd's that we carry in the car when we travel. Don't you know that if you have a Wal-mart to shop in, you can have pretty near all the comforts of home?

Gramps is sitting here with me near the computer. He walked down here with me, using his walker and he is in a comfortable chair and exercising his legs. I am sitting here yawning...

BTW, when I went to Walmart this morning, I saw a lot of other stores on the way. Best Buy, Lowe's, TGIF's, Bob Evans, Texas Roadhouse, Golden Corral, and others too numerous to mention (my way of saying I can't remember them all) but, that is where it all is, on the road called Bechtle Rd. Whoopee!

Gramps is feeling better and a little stronger each day. Hopefully, by the time we arrive back home, he will be able to stand up without a lot of assistance. I am still using one of the wrap around belts to help steady him as he walks.

I hear we are supposed to have some storms today. The wind was really picking up this morning while I was out. We just met a man who has had one of his legs removed just below the knee. We had a very interesting conversation with him. He is worried that people in his neighborhood will make fun of him. His name is Charles and he is a diabetic. He told us his foot had started turning black and it was moving up his leg, so he had to have the leg amputated. He seems to be doing quite well, but is worried about going home and getting around.

Well, Gramps is beginning to get tired so we will head back down the hall in a few minutes. Not long til lunch you know. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now...maybe more to come later. Love to all. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

Hey Ruby,
I am glad you found your favorite
place to shop.I shop there all the
time.I hope you and Dub have a
good day today.We are having
the wind, but no rain yet.
Love Barbara. TN said...

Hi Grammy, It's always good to know there is a Walmart close by. What did we do before Walmart? glad everything is going along smoothly. Be careful...hope there isn't too much bad weather from Ike. Love, Clara

Judy said...

I am so glad you found Walmart. I know that made you happy. We had 70 mile winds here yesterday. Remnants of Ike. My electric was on and off, no cable, no internet, or phone all night and my yard is a mess with limbs but nothing compared to Ike. All that and not one drop of rain. We have not had but one rain in 2 months. Some roads are closed here due to wind
and wires down. Hope things continue to improve for you.