Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming Home on Friday (God Willing)

Hey, Y'all,

We did pretty well last night sleeping. I slept on a leather love seat (well, vinyl, anyway, I think) and did not open it out into a bed. Only had to be up three times to tend to Gramps' needs. I slept in a fetal position since the love seat is built for two people to sit on.

We have met some really nice people since we came up here. We have really been blessed.

This morning, I met a lady who apparently is one of the people who goes around to see how everything is going. I think she must be a nun, because she had that look about her. She must be in her seventies in age (or maybe a little bit older). I believe this used to be a Catholic hospital. I was showing her my blog and telling her about it. She seemed quite interested, but said she knew nothing about computers.

About that time, a man came to me with the new walker that Gramps will be taking home with him, and a transfer bath chair that I purchased for Gramps to be able to use in the shower at home. Only nearly a hundred simoleons for that bit of equipment. I had to take it down to the car in the parking lot. It is still in the box, but a little difficult to handle. The only help he offered me was to tell me how to pull it behind me. Sweet man couldn't be troubled to help me carry it down.

Gramps has had all but about 30 minutes of his therapy for today. Right now, he is sitting in his room watching his favorite channel - CNN news. I took this opportunity to come down the hall and blog.

My eyes are wanting to close on me, and I can't really think of anything very exciting to blog. L.D. and Donna will be driving up on tomorrow evening, and coming for us on Friday morning sometime. I asked the nurse this morning if it would matter what time L.D. and Donna arrive and she said, "No, it is not like a motel, we are not going to throw you out, just you do have to be out before midnight on Friday, because Medicare won't pay for another day (Saturday).

One of the therapists is playing a game with another patient here, by hiding colored plastic cones and having the patient to walk around and find them. I'm not sure what the object is, but she is helping the patient to find them. I am sitting in kind of a conversation area that can be used by patients and visitors. Gramps likes to come down here and sit in a rocker.

I think I may go down and take a little nap while Gramps is doing his therapy. More later, if there is anything to report. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Bye for now. Love to all of you.

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Barbara said...

I know you are getting anxious
to be on your way home.
Hope you have a safe trip.
I talked to Imazo last night, they
are o'kay.
My prayers are with you all in
your trip back to Tenn.
Love Barbara