Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Body is in TN - My Heart in Ohio

Hey, Y'all,
Well, we traveled home today (Hugh, Imazo, and I) and left Gramps in the acute Rehab place (called Mercy Hospital). I talked to his charge nurse three or four times today. He seems to be doing well. He did lose his breakfast, but we think that was maybe because he had too much in his mouth and gagged. When I talked to the nurse at 7p.m. this evening, she said he did well the rest of the day and didn't get sick any more.
She said that he did his therapy wonderfully well, and that he is watching a ball game at the time. They get dressed in street clothes every day and are up all day. They try to keep them on a regular schedule. I asked if he had asked about me, and she said that he thinks I just dropped him off there and left him. He is still confused to a degree. I will be able to see better how he is tomorrow when I get there. I really miss him. This is the first time in years that we have been away from each other at night. Where he is, my heart is.

I talked to my brother, John, today and he is home from the hospital, and has set up health visits from hospice so they can come in to help him bathe several times a week, also when he needs health assistance, they will come out instead of him having to go to the hospital. It seems he has a blood clot in his leg, his kidneys are not functioning properly, his heart is gettin weaker by the day, his COPD is much worse, and his oxygen level is very low.
Our prayers are with you, John and Darlene, and your children and grandchild.

Lois, Imazo's sister, is still in Springfield Regional Health Center (hospital) but will be going to the nursing home in Enon (her home town) on Monday. We truly enjoyed spending time with her and with her daughters. (pictures at the top)

A picture of Gramps is also at the top of this post. He looks really good, doesn't he? I snapped the picture while he was waiting to be taken into the emergency room on Wednesday morning. (I document it all, you know). I only wished that I could have gotten a picture of Hugh, Imazo and I in the king sized bed last night. Hugh said he clung to the edge of the bed all night, and one time, Imazo almost pushed him out.

When I told her I would like a picture of the three of us lined up in the bed, she said that there was no one there to take it unless I ran out side and grabbed someone to take it. I said, "I reckon not!" We just had a wonderful laugh over the whole thing.

My laundry is drying right now, and I will be repacking in a little while and then head to bed for a night's rest before I leave in the morning for Ohio.

I had news from my daughter, Teresa. It seems she has inherited the genes which our family has for developing CHF and has been diagnosed with it. Sorry, Baby. I would not wish that on anyone.
Carol, Daryl, and more of them along with Whitney's folks are with Dan and Whit in Illinois, having a great time.
Have to sign off for now. Love to all of you from Blabbin' Grammy. More tomorrow if I can find a place to get wireless for my laptop. Bye for now.


Judy said...

I know you are missing your husband and want to be back there with him. Hopefully, he will continue to improve and you all will be able to come home soon. Please be careful driving and keep yourself save. I hope you find him much better when you arrive. Thinking of you and praying for you both. Love, Judy

Serbian Mink said...

Hey Gwammy,

Vern really enjoyed seeing photos of his Ohio too, but i wouldn't know them from Adam...anyway, we're glad to hear that Dubby is doing reasonably well in the rehab. Give him our love. We pray for a safe trip for you and send lotsa love to you.
Mink TN said...

Bless your heart! Try to get a good nights' rest before you leave in the morning for Ohio. Your husband does look good. You would never know he is sick. Hope you find him much better when you get there tomorrow! Love, Clara