Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Update Update

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I just talked to the nurse and it seems the projected dismissal date for Gramps is September 18th, nine days from now. A little discouraging, I know, but then he may be dismissed a few days before that or a few days after that. It all depends on his improvement.

Earlier today he was telling me about some of his therapy this afternoon. He said they had him and another old man, standing with their walkers and batting a rubber ball back and forth to each other. (Picture this)...They were bouncing the ball and the women who were working with them were chasing the ball. He said the women were getting more exercise than the Old men were. I laughed out loud and was still laughing thinking about it and his nurse stopped at the door and asked if everything was okay. Anyone who has heard me laugh knows it is not a very quiet sound. I explained what we were laughing about and she just kind of chuckled a little. She is a very genteel sort of lady.

Gramps is taking tylenol for the pain in his head. They put a cold pack on his neck yesterday and it seemed to help.

I have found a laundromat called the Soap Box on the way back to the eating places that I have been frequenting. I plan to go tomorrow and do a bit of laundry so that it won't get too far ahead of me.

Well, I guess I will go get a salad for supper tonight. It does give me a chance to get out to go out for my meals.
That is about all for this evening from Blabbin' Grammy. Bye for now. Love to all of you and may you feel the peace of God's love in your heart and life.


Serbian Mink said...

Nine days! Are you cool with that?
Is there not somewhere closer to home that can do what this place does? I know you said this was one of the premier places for treatment, but bouncing a ball back and forth doesn't appear to be cutting edge medicine.

Glad you chose a salad, Gwammy. (It keeps you regular.) Love to Dubby from me and Vern. I'm glad your a frequent updater. If we waited on I and H, we'd know absolutely nothing!

Judy said...

I know this had to be discouraging to you sitting there for nine days! I know you will be out and about because I can tell you are not one to sit still for very long. The therapy session is funny. I can see why you were laughing. To bad there is not a C.B. nearby for you. I hope your stay is not that long.

Clara....in TN said...

Oh Grammy, Bless your heart (and DUB's) I'm sorry you have to be away from home for nine days. tha's how long I stayed in Lake charles, LA with Bill. You will manage I'm sure and come out all the better for it. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.