Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday in Springfield

Hey, Y'all,
Just a few lines to let you all know that you can see pictures of our new great granddaughter. Just click on the link that begins "God put the my..." It is my son-in-law, Daryl's blogspot.
It is on the "musings" segment of his blog.

Gramps is getting a little stronger each day, but still quite confused. If he can become strong enough to do what he needs to do, then we will do just fine when we get home. He is awake about every two hours during the night, so I am also, tending to his needs. Consequently, not a lot of sleeping going on around here.

I have been eating cereal for breakfast, snack for lunch in what we loosely term a cafeteria here at the hospital rehab, and then I go out for supper and eat a good supper. His meals are ususally pretty good, but delivered from a separate facility.

He is still having headaches that are quite painful. I keep suggesting a stronger medication than the tylenol. I guess I am going to have to throw a little hissy fit maybe. I hope it won't come to that. His blood sugar keeps running a little over the top as well.

It is very quiet here on the floor today. I hear a little laughter coming from the nurses station, and the nurses and aides, and therapy personnel are wonderful. We could not ask for better people helping us.

Be sure and check out pictures of our new great granddaughter. She was born at 1:04 yesterday, she is 8 lb 4 oz, and 20 and 1/4 inches long. Her name is Alyssa Faith. (oops I already told you all this, didn't I? - forgive a proud great gmother)

That is all from Blabbin' Grammy today. Love to all of you. More tomorrow. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

I am so glad that Dub is doing
a little better.I bet you will
be glad to get back to Tenn.
I found your new baby's picture.
She is precious.
Love and best wishes for a
good night's rest.

Unknown said...

Hey Ruby and Dubby
I've made several attempts to leave you a comment. Hopefully this will be the attempt that works. Good to know progress is being made. The headaches concern me. I guess I'm paranoid since daddy's aneurysm. I think you did good by confronting the nurses about his diet. His bloodsugar could actually be playing a big part in his headaches. How is his B/P. Congrats on your new baby,saw her picture and love her name. I know the days seem to be getting longer but just try to hang in there and hopefully we'll get you guys home soon. Guess you've heard about the gas situation in Knoxville. $1.oo increase since yesterday evening and our local Weigles has sold out. So ridiculous. I keep Big Bonnie inform about Dubby but sometime I feel like I would be better off just talking to the cats. I try to read your blog either at night or early morning. Let us know when we need to plan the trip to bring you home. In the meantime, try to rest and kepp your spirits up! Give Dubby a big hug from all of us. We love you. Donna, L.D. Big Bonnie

Serbian Mink said...


Glad to hear your diet has improved markedly. Congrats on Alyssa, she's a beauty and what a head of hair!

Remember us to Dubby.