Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just a Few More Days - And It Won't Be Long

Hey, Y'all,
It has been a long day today, but the time is drawing nearer when we can be back in dear old East TN. We will be leaving Ohio on Friday morning...the time has not yet been determined. We have to speak to someone in charge tomorrow to see what time we have to get out of here.

We do know that when we get home, we will be getting home health care, also we will be getting speech therapy (for memory- his), also physical therapy to strengthen his arms and legs. We worked today with Petra, his occupational therapist (who is wonderfully funny and so very enjoyable to work with) to acquaint me with some of the methods of Gramps getting around from one place to another (getting up from a chair or couch- getting into the shower and how to proceed with showers - lying down on a bed and getting up from bed). When she was showing him how to lie down and get up, she lay down beside him, and was showing him how to get up, he said, "Let's run over that one again". ha.

They changed our room yesterday, because they needed the one we were in, and put us in a more private one near the end of the hall. Unfortunately, they didn't have a bed for me, so I tried sleeping on a recliners that was in the room. I did get to sleep finally and actually dreamed, but it was not a pleasant sleep. Today, they moved in a leather love seat that makes into a bed, but I think I will just sleep on it as it is. I'll let you know tomorrow how it was.

I had been hoping to do my laundry today at the local laundromat, but it was closed due to a power outage (because of the high winds up to 80 mph on Sunday afternoon and night). I called Lois' daughter, Wilma, to ask her about her mom and also if she could tell me where I could find a laundromat. She said, "why don't I come over and you can follow me home and I'll do your laundry for you." What a sweetie pie! So I did, and she did.

While I was there we had a very enjoyable time talking and I was able to meet her husband, Charlie, and had a great time talking with him also. She fixed us some cinnamon bagel with strawberry flavored philly cheese spread. Yum! We also watched a little of the Young and Restless (Charlie has been ill for some time and has gotten into that soap). Fortunately, I am cured of the addiction to soaps. Praise God!

I asked Wilma about Lois, and she told me that Lois is so much better! She is alert, not slurring words, can remember things that happened a few days earlier and has asked how my husband is doing, and remembers me. Wilma said that apparently the Levaquin that the dr's had given her mother when she was admitted to the hospital caused a lot of the problems that she had exhibited and she was really fortunate that it hadn't affected Lois' hearing, because that side effect can be irreversible.

Last night for dinner, I had a pecan-crusted chicken salad at TGIF"s. Wilma was telling me today that the one at O'Charley's is really good, too. So tonight, I tried that one. Nope, it was good, but not as good as the one at TGIF's. I went on out to Walmart again this evening after supper, and bought my sweetie pie some more sweat pants to wear. They are very comfortable on him and will be good for him to travel in when L.D. and Donna come up on Friday to take him home. He will ride with L.D. and Donna will ride with me.

Well, I need to get back down to Gramps room and get him ready for bed. More tomorrow. Love to all of you. Thanks again for your prayers in our behalf. Bye for now. Blabbin' Grammy is through Blabbin' for tonight.


Mom B said...

Give LD and Donna our thanks...I'm glad you don't have to travel home alone!

Judy said...

I am so glad you are going to get to go home finally. Sounds like things are looking up for you, your husband, and your family. I will be offline a couple days. My son is having surgery for kidney stones and I will go and take care of the baby. I will check on you as soon as I get back. Hopefully, you will be enjoying your home by then.

Clara....in TN said...

Grammy, I know you are looking forward to Friday. It will be good to be back in East TN, I know. Go look at the post on my blog today. There are six questions for you to answer if you feel like it. Don't feel obligated if you don't want to do it. Just a good way to get to know each other.