Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some Springfield Pictures

Hey, Y'all,
I thought I would post some pictures made while we were in Springfield. Also, we had two more home health care visitors today. After we got back from getting blood drawn at our family doctor's office and went on to eat breakfast at Shoney's, a very nice lady named Margaret came to check Gramps' blood pressure and lungs. He is doing very well on those fronts. He is improving using his walker, as well. We had no problems at all going to the dr's office and on to eat at Shoney's.

Later today, another nurse who is in charge of occupational therapy came and spent more than an hour checking out Gramps' abiblities, and advised using a bath stool that doesn't fit over the tub, since Gramps is able to step into the tub without much problems, since I have a grab bar that is portable installed on the shower wall that he can hold on to for balance. I have one of the in-tub bath stools that our daughter, Teresa, bought for me to use when I had by-pass surgery four years ago. I had been using it outside for flower gardening sitting and digging, clipping grass, etc.

She also advised the taking up of rugs in the bathroom. I really will miss them. They added to the beautiful decor of the bathroom. They were soft on my feet soles when I would get up at night to use the bathroom.

We also had a visit this afternoon from our pastor, Rev. J.W. Taylor, our music minister, Rev. Charles Duggan, and our good friend and honorary son-in-law, Mark, who is also our landlord. It was really wonderful to be visited by the three of them. We had a great time talking and sharing pleasantries.

I think our hummingbirds may have flown away for the autumn and winter time. Someone must have told them that summer is gone, because I haven't seen them since a few days ago.

On Wednesday evening, our church serves supper from 5 to 6:30, and we can eat and not have to prepare meals at home on that evening. Of course, it is done so that members can have fellowship and can come straight from work and stay for church without worrying about cooking.
This evening, I went to pick up our meals, since we could not attend church tonight. I also picked up a meal for our friend, 90 year old Marian. The pictures I have posted are: (1) a picture of a helicopter that I saw land at the Mercy Rehab and Emergency Hospital in Springfield landing on the helipad. It was really cool to see it landing at night. The helipad was on the side of the hospital that we were on. We were on the third floor and could see it clearly. (2) a picture of Gramps holding a balloon bouquet sent by Gene and Judy (much loved friends of ours). (3) a picture of Gramps with neice, Donna, who came to help us get back home. (4) a picture of Wilma, Lois' daughter and Imazo's neice. Wilma very kindly did my laundry for me and along with her sisters was a pleasure to meet and visit with.
More pictures tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. (Gramps is already in bed) Love to all of you. Bye for now.

2 comments: TN said...

Good Morning Grammy, How are you both this morning? Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. Sounds like you are doing good. Will type at you later. Love, Clara

Judy said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you two. I sure hope so. I enjoyed the pictures and am thinking of you two.