Saturday, July 5, 2008

What is on YOUR Refrigerator?

Howdy to all of you!

Well, I was in the kitchen this morning getting ready to eat, and as I was writing on the white board the date, and the day of the week for my husband, who never knows anymore what day or even what month it is, I happened to take note of the "stuff" that I have affixed to my fridge freezer door.
As you can see from looking at the picture, I have pictures of great grandchildren, a picture of my son-in-law, Daryl, with them, a picture of their dad and mom (Daniel & Whitney) with 3 of them, also a picture Mark & Allie's grandchildren.

Also, I have a page from a calendar that displays the days of July, a magnetic listing of the Jefferson city library hours, a magnetic card of our Baptist church information, and a few other magnets.

When we were living in Florida with our daughter, Teresa, and her husband, Tom, we had a "magic board" on the refrigerator. When we ran out of an item that needed replenishing, we would simply write it on the board, and the next time someone was in town at the grocery or Wal-mart, it would magically appear on the kitchen cabinet counter.

I know from my many years visiting with our oldest daughter, Carol, she keeps many different items on her fridge door, among them is a list of things needed at the grocery. On her fridge you would see pictures of the same grandchildren that appear on my refrigerator. She also has a menu for the week. Carol is a planner and cooks almost every meal that the family eats.

Dub and I consider Allie and Mark as our third set of children. On their fridge you will also find pictures of their grandchildren, and Allie collects magnets from places she has been to visit or to live.

So, what is on your refrigerator? Recipes? Photos? Pictures drawn by grandchildren or children? Magnets? Menus? Do things affixed to fridges tell a lot about the person? I think so.

We love our children, and grandchildren - we love our church and its members- I love reading and go often to the library - I love my husband and like to help him keep up with where he is and what day it is- so yeah, fridges are like a memo of your daily life, I think.


A quick little story here about my difficulties with AT&T. When we moved six months ago from an apt. in Jefferson City, to where we presently live in the country, we only moved 5 miles - but what a difference five miles can make! In Jeff City, I had DSL internet with AT&T. Lo and behold, when we got out here, no DSL, only dial up, no cable available, so we had to get satellite television. Now unfortunately, in order to get high speed internet, we had to go to a different satellite company to get that. (now we have two satellite dishes) A couple more and we could have enough for a picnic. ha.
My daughters and oldest grandson supplied me with money to get the internet installed, but I waited until mid-May to get it installed. (It doesn't come cheap)

After getting the satellite dish installed for the internet, I called AT&T to discontinue the dialup and also decided to get rid of the long distance telephone service as well.

WELL, imagine my dismay when I opened the June AT&T bill, to be paid by July 3, to find the long distance not gone, but also be charged for DSL internet beginning two days after I had called to discontinue ALL internet services.
Have you ever tried to call a company that had computerized answering services? It is quite an experience. When I finally got to talk to a living breathing person, I had to talk to three of them before I got the whole thing taken care of. (That is, I hope it has been taken care of - I will find out when I get my next bill). And that is all of that for the time being. I'll bet you have a story to tell about calling a company and getting a computerized voice, haven't you?

Well, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer day as much as we are. We woke up to a gentle rain this morning, which cleared off by 10 a.m.

That is all from Blabbin' Grammy today. May God bless each of you, and I hope you get to go to Church tomorrow. Signing off for now with Love.


Mom B said...

You make me feel better that I refused to sign up with ATT and their new, wonderful internet/cable tv setup. I've had the same problem before with the "never reach a real person" thing. Matt agrees...not unless they're the last internet company left in America! ANd then, maybe not even then!

Judy said...

I have my grandson and also a grocery list on my fridge and magnets. When I tried to get off dial up AOL several years ago and go to cable internet, they told me I really did not want to go and would not discontinue my service. I was so mad I was screaming in the phone. My bill was automatically paid by my visa each month and I had to call visa and threaten to cancel my card if they paid AOL another month! Visa quit paying for fear of losing me as a customer and AOL finally cancelled my service. I swear they just refused to let me go when I called. TN said...

Hi Grammy, I know the feeling of trying to talk to a person. I get so mad. It took me FOREVER to get away from AOL. I think they cheated me out of about two months.
I made a picture of what I have on my refrigerator. I will post it in the next few days.