Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today, Dub and I, and Hugh and Imazo went to Madisonville to visit Imazo's sisters, Dorothy and Barbara who live close to each other. We visited in Dorothy's home, and Barbara came with her husband, Reath, who is a farmer.

What a wonderful time we all had, sitting and talking about times past, and looking at old pictures Dorothy had of family and friends. Imazo and her sisters and brothers grew up in the Madisonville area. The picture above is of (left to right): Imazo, Dorothy, and Barbara. Aren't they lovely ladies? I certainly think so.

We laughed, enjoying stories that we each were telling and sharing. Barbara's husband, Reath, is a wonderful storyteller, and tells about things that have happened to him and to others he knew. Barbara and Reath have daughters who are grown and have children.

Dorothy lost her only child, Linda, to an illness several years ago, caring for her for many years as an invalid, then lost her husband to illness soon after that. She remarried and lived happily several years with a second husband, only to lose him to diabetes and its side effects. Dorothy also cared for her mother through her time of illness and passing. Dorothy is a very strong individual, who has come through several of life's trials.

The three sisters, Imazo, Dorothy, and Barbara, have another sister, Lois, who lives in Ohio, and at present is in a nursing home taking physical therapy due to a recent stroke. They are hoping to soon see her out of the nursing home and back in her home.

While we were visiting today, we had some delicious cake and coffee with them, and we sat on the front porch and talked about how things had changed in the area during the time they have lived there. Dorothy's home is a wonderful old country house surrounded by all kinds of beautiful flowers that she and her husband planted quite a few years ago.

We left with some fresh vegetables, provided by Barbara and Reath, and intend to have several meals from them: yellow squash, green beans, cabbage, and cucumbers. Yum!

We left around mid afternoon, and decided to go back a different way. I know absolutely nothing about the area, so Hugh directed me (I was driving). We passed a certain curve, and Hugh said, "take the next road to the right", so I did. Then a few minutes later, Imazo said, "I don't remember this road", and Hugh said, "I am sure this must be it, there's that flag we usually see". I said, "Wow! What if the flag had been moved?" Well, we drove on, and on, and on, and the road changed from having a double yellow line and being well paved, into just one line, then into no line, still paved, and then into a dirt road, and by this time, we decided it was necessary to turn around and go back.

So, we went back and found that the actual road that Hugh was thinking of was just a little farther beyond the one that we had mistakenly turned onto. So, on we went and found our way back out where we needed to be, and on to home.

After we arrived back in Knoxville we stopped and picked up some sandwiches for supper. We went back to Hugh's and Imazo's and shared our repast.

Imazo and I had a wedding shower to attend at 6 p.m. for our sister-in-law Mae's great granddaughter, Tiffany. It was a gathering of people who are related to Tiffany, so it was a very cordial group. Tiffany's Aunt Lisa, who is Mae's grand daughter, and Lisa's mother, Doris, were giving the shower, and it was so much fun.

Lisa's little boy, Bryson, is almost 3 years old, and charmed everyone performing song and dance for us. Tiffany's little sister, Ambrea, is a little darling who is 10 months old and is just beginning to walk, She walks around holding her arms out, keeping her balance while she teeters about. It was the kind of shower where everyone felt at ease and had great cameraderie.

It was a wonderful day, and we enjoyed it so very much!

That is all today from Blabbin' Grammy. May God's peace and joy rest on each of you.

Good bye for tonight. More tomorrow. Hope you make it to church and worship with your fellow Christians.

2 comments: TN said...

Nice looking ladies. Thanks for telling us about your day. Mine wasn't as exciting. A trip to Walmart doesn't do a thing for me! LOL

Judy said...

Grammy you make me tired just reading about all the things you all do! I think it is wonderful that you have so many friends and family and get out as much as you do. Also, if I had as many desserts as you all have I would not be able to get up from the computer. ha-ha. They sure do sound good though. That is such a good picture of the ladies. Isn't it nice to just enjoy life now that we are retired?