Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Free Day of Fraternizing

Hidy, Do,
Well, this morning we got up and got ready to go into Knoxville. We got to my brother, Hugh's, house and switched cars (my car is a little Yaris and difficult for Hugh to get into) with Hugh and drove his Camry as I usually do when we go somewhere together.

We picked up my sister-in-law, Mae, and proceeded to the Cracker Barrel nearest our house and had a really great breakfast. Then the five of us headed out our way to my home, where we chose to sit on the front porch and watch the hummers for a while.
We sat and talked on for some time, then I took my sister-in-law, Mae, through the house, since she hadn't seen it since I had moved in. She was very complimentary, (of course) as we walked through. It is always fun to share one's home with family and friends.

A few minutes later, Mae, Imazo and I got into the car and we went to Hobby Lobby in Morristown to see what goodies we could find. We all found some good stuff; I found some material for a new quilt, and some garland for decorating my picture window at Christmas. Too early, you say? Not so! It is never too early to think of what to do to decorate for Christmas.

We came back and had sandwiches, rootbeer and fresh apples. Yum. I had some fresh tomatoes from our little tomato patch out back that we used on our meat and cheese sandwiches.

I took Mae and Imazo back to my little workroom where I keep my computer and showed them some of the blogs, especially those of Dan and Whit and their adoption journey. They really loved it.

I am posting a picture of the four of them at the lunch table in our kitchen. Hope you like it. There is nothing like family get togethers, is there?

After a while , we decided it was time for the journey back to Knoxville, so the three of them got into Hugh's car, and I drove them back to Knoxville where we stopped at a grocery store for a few items they needed, and then after leaving Mae at her home, I left Hugh's car at his home, and got into mine, and drove home. Now, after popping Dub a bowl of pop corn, I am back here at my trusty computer.

Wishing each of you well, and hoping to tell good things on the morrow. Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today and wishing each of you a blessed rest this evening.

See you tomorrow.

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Judy said...

Hi Grammy, Sounds like you all had a great day. I like having family over, too. Don't you love the breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We have a Hobby Lobby in Lexington and I go there when I am in that town. They have everything!