Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Time in Texas

Howdy there, you all,

Just wanted to share some of the pics that were taken while we were in Texas visiting our family out there.

We had a really great time, and just kind of took it easy while we were there. We had a family dinner with our daughter, Carol, her husband, Daryl, and three of their children (Andrew and wife, Julia), Matthew, and Emily.

Daryl and family are presently dealing with his illness, Multiple Myeloma, but are taking it in stride and not letting the illness rule their lives Daryl continues to work and to trust in God to help them deal with it. If you are interested in reading his thoughts on his illness, and how they deal with it, you can go to his blogsite, which is referenced in this blog, (God put the my in) at the side of the blog.

We played some games while we were there, because we love to play board games like dominoes, clue, etc. Carol and I took a few trips out in my little red Yaris (that is a car by Toyota). I bought it just a couple of weeks before we went out there. A few statistics on the cost of the gas and motels. I get 41 mpg with it, so it took only twenty two gallons of gas each way out there, at a cost of $177.75 for gas total for the trip. Well, the motels you might not be interested in, but anyway that cost was about $275.00 total.

I am putting a couple of photos in of some of the family out there. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out when everyone was there. The first picture is of my husband and I with our daughter, Carol, and our grand daughter, Emily.

The second one is of my husband and I with our two grandsons, Matthew on left, and Andrew on the right.

My son in law, Daryl, was at work when I fished out my camera. Julia was at home, getting ready to go to work. BTW, she and Andrew are going to be parents of a baby girl in September.

The pictures were taken the morning that we were leaving, and Carol had gotten up early to fix us a delicious breakfast (Thank you, Carol!), and Andrew stopped by on his way home from work on the night shift.
We look forward to each visit with them. It is getting more difficult to make the trips, as the trips become more tiring for both my husband and myself. We used to go visit them twice a year, but realize that as we age, things change. We take the good where we can find it.
This is all from Blabbin' Grammy for this evening. God's love and grace rest upon each of you. Bye for now.

4 comments: TN said...

Hi Grammy, I know about those LONG trips. Our daughter used to live in Lake Charles, LA and we would drive straight through. It was 900 miles exactly from our driveway to hers. One time my husband had a heart attack while we were there. We were ready to get on the plane to Central America, and he had to go to the hospital. I talked everyone into going on without us, and I was there in the hospital for nine days with him....didn't know a soul. We came home before they returned and I drove all the way home by myself with him sick. I'll NEVER forget that trip. But all the other trips were wonderful. We used to drive on down into Texas. I miss going there.

Grammy said...

Hi, Clara,
Thanks for your comments, they are always interesting. Isn't it wonderful how God's grace sustains us to do the difficult? I can only imagine what you went through there all alone sitting with your husband. Those days are always so long when you have someone in the hospital, and you feel you'll never see the outside of the hospital. Did you bring your husband home at the time, after the nine days there with him? TN said...

Yes, my husband was with me on the trip home. I din't know if he was going to live until I got him here or not. He had he first triple by-pass heart surgery soon after we got home. It makes me weary to think about that time.

Judy said...

Your trip sounds like it was great fun and your family is beautiful. I am not a good traveler. I like to go places but I hate all those big trucks on the road that want to run over you if you don't get out of their way! I do travel but I try to stay clear of the trucks.