Friday, July 11, 2008

Tomorrow is Ellie's Birthday

Tomorrow is a special day for a special little girl. Her name is Elizabeth Maria-Vanessa and she is our great granddaughter who was born in Guatemala and adopted by my grandson, Pastor Daniel and his wife, Whitney and their other 3 children. They all compose a family unit of six. They call her Ellie, and she is loved passionately by all of us.

Her adoption became final in January of this year. She has made great strides in becoming Americanized. Gramps and I have yet to see her in person, and are looking forward to the occasion!

If you would like to see her picture and those of her brothers and sister, (and her parents), go to

and you will be able to read all about them and their adoption journey, and the rest of it since then.

In case you are wondering how I got the name Grammy, it was almost by accident. Our great grandchildren have quite a few sets of grand parents and great grandparents, so we were trying to decide what they could call us to identify us apart from all the others.

I suggested that we could be called Granny and Gramps. One of the boys heard me say Granny and thought I said Grammy. I thought, "wow, that is even better than Granny" so I became Grammy to them.

So here is our wish to you, Dear Ellie!

We wish you the happiest birthday tomorrow, and many happy returns of the day! We love you..and hope to see you next month sometime .Grammy and Gramps

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Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie!!! What a beautiful, little girl with her black hair. They are all beautiful children. You are a very lucky Grammy. I like that name for you, too.