Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Little Bad-Mouthin'

Howdy, You-All,

Every once in awhile, things just kind of don't turn out the way you would hope for, and you just gotta get feelin's out in the open. Well, this past week has kind of had a few things happen like that, and here goes!

First off, Wednesday was a trial for me, what with sittin' so long in the nice Big Chair at the dentist's office. Like I said before, he was just as nice (along with his assistants) as could be, but I had some repercussions from the firm grip he had (and needed to have) on my chin for such a long time. I could joke and say he was just trying to keep me from jumping out of the Big Chair. He did, however leave a little bruise on my chin which did not show up until a couple of days later, and then yesterday, fully developed into the bruise on my chin, evidenced in the picture you see at the top of my post. Now, since I am not a raving beauty, it really doesn't matter enough to rant and rave. In fact, hardly anyone at church this morning said anything about it. You know that people notice, but are too polite to comment.

Second bad-mouthin' is my ongoing battle with AT&T. Yep, got a new bill, and sure enough, they hadn't taken off the charge for high-speed internet for last of May and all of June, but added the charge for July!

Goin' to have to call them tomorrow and rip a strip of hide from someone's skin. Politely, of course. No bad language.

Third bad-mouthin': We went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch today, the second time in two weeks.(Went last Sunday as well, and the steak my husband ordered last week was tough, they replaced it with a second tough one). Dub always orders coffee to drink, but as many coffee drinkers, he likes it hot. Well, needless to say, it was like strong luke-warm ditchwater. Sent it back. Back a new cup came, just as cold as the first. Four times it was brought and still not hot.I am talking luke-warm here. The meat in my chicken pot pie was tough and dry. I did not send it back, but we have ex-d off Ruby Tuesday's from our list of acceptable and preferred eating places. No more will we grace them with our presence, but they probably won't really miss us.

Well, my gripin' is done for now. I hold no animosity toward my dentist, by the way; just wanted to let you know that sometimes things just happen and there's nothing we can do about it except laugh and make jokes about it and go on.
That is all for now, from Blabbin' Grammy. May God's grace and peace rest upon each of you. Bye for now.


Judy said...

That dessert looks absolutely wonderful. I am going to copy the recipe and make it. I will probably make a pig of myself when I do. That is a bad looking bruise on your face! I will bruise to touch me. My mother was the same way. If someone grabs me by the hand and squeezes, I get a bruise. TN said...

Oh I'm sorry about the bruise on your chin. Wouldn't you like to show the dentist what he did?
Your hair reminds me of my hair! Good picture.

Mom B said...

Um, I had two crowns put on last week, too, and my jaw didn't look like that! Poor baby!!!

I'm glad the dessert turned out so well. I always get raves on that recipe. It suits men for the flavor, and women for the festiveness. A win-win recipe, for sure!