Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summertime Easy Living

We have a wonderful front porch where we can sit in our rocking chairs. It is a wonderful place to rest and enjoy the cool breezes that blow across the porch.
The flowers that you see on the front porch take up some of my time, but not a lot of it. I do have to keep them watered. I have a little talk with my flowers when I pot them or plant them in the ground. I tell them, "Okay, it is up to you now. Do the best you can, I will keep you watered and see that you have sunshine. If you live, you live, if you die, you die, it is up to you now." My friends laugh when I tell them this, but it does seem to work. Ha.

We had a really nice service this morning in our church, and then went to lunch with Mark and Allie, and came back here to our porch and sat enjoying the sound of the birds in the trees, the breeze that blew softly and made the wind chimes tinkle that were hanging on the top edge of the porch. It is a very pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon. A sugar free ice cream bar made it absolutely perfect.

The roses in my front yard should soon be blooming again. Unfortunately, I missed their June blooming, because they bloomed while we were in Texas visiting our family there. Lavender has been blooming in the yard, thanks to someone's planting it before we moved here. The wildflowers in my flower bed are blooming as well.

We are most blessed to be living in such a beautiful place. We live on a hill and overlook a horse ranch where people can come and ridc horses, and live only a stone's throw from where I lived during my teenage years - actually on a part of what was my parent's farm. It is quiet and peaceful here.
I hope you have a blessed evening and a good night. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off. May God's grace and love rest on you.


Judy said...

Hi Grammy, I just love your nice porch and your flowers. I have a patio on the back of my house and I sit out there a lot but I would love a nice big porch across the front like yours. The flowers are pretty. Sounds like you all had a nice day. The ice cream sounds good, too!

Mom B said...

Hey, I clicked on the porch pic and got a NICE big view of it. The new glass table looks perfect there! Is there still room for Dub's coffee cup and your book? I love it!

Grammy said...

Hi, Carol,
Yes, there is plenty of room for a glass or cup and a book.
We really enjoy our porch. I had a wasp nest being built on the storm door and went out this morning and gave it the death knell with spray. NO wasps allowed to disturb our peace and quiet. TN said...

Your front porch looks a little like mine, except yours is higher off the ground. Your flowers are lovely. I'm sure they say "thank you" every day!