Friday, July 18, 2008

Today with Friends

Howdy, Readers!
I want to share how this day was spent. Yesterday was the 90th birthday of my friend, Marian. Since I could not spend yesterday with her, we went out to lunch together, with her daughter, Judy, who is also a dear friend of ours, and whom I knew before I knew Marian. Marian moved to East Tn. from Florida a few years ago, into a house that is just a few doors up from Judy and Gene.

Quite often, we share meals with Judy, Gene, Marian, and Mark and Allie. Sometimes we eat at Gene and Judy's, sometimes with Marian, sometimes with Mark and Allie. The seven of us love to get together and share food and fellowship. Sometimes we play a board game or dominoes. We always have a really great time.
Judy, Marian, and I went to a lovely little eating place that used to be a tea room. They are no longer called a tea room, but still serve the same wonderful fare.
After we ate, we ordered dessert, but could not eat it all, so, of course, we got the "to go" boxes. The dessert really needed ice cream, so we decided to take it home and add the ice cream.

Judy's granddaughters, Tori and Marti, beautiful little girls and so well behaved, came to Judy's home for the rest of today and tomorrow. So before we picked up the ice cream, we all decided to do some shopping and went to Big Lots.

We stopped then at the grocery store and picked up the ice cream, and went back to Marian's house, where we added the ice cream to the chocolate lava cake dessert, and we chowed down.

As you can see, nothing spectacular happened today, but we had a wonderful time chatting, eating, and just generally kicking back. Judy's grandchildren (and, of course, Marian's great grandchildren) really love to draw pictures. They each have a sketch book provided by Marian, that they can draw in when they are at Marian's. The sketch books will be wonderful keepsakes, and Judy has them date each picture with the day's date.

My husband had a wonderful day of peace and quiet where he could just kick back and do whatever he pleased and eat whatever he chose to. Every once in awhile he loves to do that. As you may remember from past posts, he is a diabetic, so I try to watch his diet. Tomorrow, we (Dub and I, and Hugh and Imazo) travel to Madisonville, TN to visit Imazo's sister, Dorothy. We always look forward to seeing her.

This is all for today from Blabbin' Grammy. God bless each of you and give you a good night's rest.


Judy said...

Hi Grammy, Isn't it nice to spend the day with friends and just hang out and have good food and companionship. Sounds like you have some great people living right close to you. What a great day. TN said...

That sounds like my kind of day. I love to go to my friends and sit and talk and most of the time we crochet. I don't get to go as often as I once did, but I know they are still there.