Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Friend Dot

I have a dear friend named Dot. She is a longtime friend. We went to Carson-Newman College together in the early 1960's. She and I were buddies for three years. I graduated and then we lost track of each other. Here is a picture of Dot and her granddaughter, Alison, at my church's Festival of Tables.

When we were both freshmen, she could not afford to go home over Thanksgiving, so I invited her to my home, because I lived just a few miles away from Jefferson City, where C-N is located.

A few years ago, she started trying to find me, and finally, just a month or so after we moved back from Florida, (two years ago) she talked to a friend that we have in common, who knew that my last name had changed since Dot knew me, told her my last name, and she called me. How very wonderfully surprised I was, and still am, that she had found me. I have thought of Dot many times over the years since we had seen each other, wondering what had happened to her, and what she was doing.

We both got our degrees in teaching and she went back to her hometown in south central Tennessee and got married, had a child and taught for many years.

What a wonderful time we had when we saw each other again. We shared pictures, stories, and laughed over many things.

I discovered when we saw each other, that she was suffering from diabetes. I know what she was going through, because my husband is a long-time diabetic.

Last year, I invited her to our Festival of Tables that we have each spring at our church and she came. The Festival of Tables is a time that the ladies of our church get together to have a good time together. Different ladies who choose to, decorate a table with a theme of their choice and invite 7 other ladies to sit at their table and enjoy the food, fellowship, and hear an interesting speaker that we always have.

Dot graced us with her presence again this year, and brought her granddaughter, Alison, with her. We talk occasionally and also e-mail one another. Recently, Dot has had to begin dialysis, and has been doing that successfully. Then this morning, I received an e-mail that she is going to have to undergo triple by-pass surgery, due to blockages in three arteries.

Dot is a very brave lady, but naturally is somewhat nervous over having to go through this procedure. What I would like to propose is this: I would like to ask all of you who read my blog, please remember Dot in your prayers, that she would be calm and at peace with the surgery. She is a very strong Christian, but I know that she would appreciate the prayers of fellow Christians. Also, if you would add her name to your church's prayer list, I am sure she would appreciate it, too.
My friend, Dot, is loved and appreciated by many people, and is a giver by nature. She is an upbeat lady, and I am sure you would love her, too, if you knew her.
That is all for today from Blabbin' Grammy. Oops, except for one thing. If you would love to see something really really precious, go to the following blogspot and see my darling great grandchildren in a 58 second video.
Have a good night. More tomorrow. Love from Blabbin'Grammy

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Judy said...

There is nothing in this world like having good and long lasting friends. My prayers are with your friend Dot. The grandchildren are just the cutest things I ever saw. I have friendships that have lasted for 50 years. Hope your bruise is better, too!