Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Have the Contact Lens

Hey, Y'all,
Well, it has been a few long days since I last posted. I have been doing a lot of eye drops. Three kinds had to be dropped in four times a day, and another kind had to be dropped in every hour that I was awake. There were also goggles which fit closely to my face and had to be worn at night to protect my operated eye. I have been sleeping in my recliner and not doing too badly at that. Some times when I awakened I didn't know where I was at first (disoriented, so to speak) and it took a few seconds to figure out that I wasn't in bed. 

During the day, I was busy sewing, making a baby quilt for Andrew and Julia's new baby (not here yet) boy. On Monday, Mitzi picked me up and we went to eat with the seniors at Cotton Patch Cafe. That was the last day I was out of the house until yesterday, when I drove for the first time and went to spend some time with Julia and their two little girls, Alyssa and Brooke. I got to hold them and read to them. Andrew was just getting up from sleeping to go to work. I am so glad that Julia is able to be a stay at home Mom for their children. She is a really great mom. 

I went to the eye surgeon today so he could check my eyes and have the clear protective contact lens removed from the operated eye. OOPS...not healed enough yet to remove the contact lens, so I have another appointment for next Thursday. It still is about ten percent lacking in being healed. 

On my way back from Dr. Ranelle's office, I stopped at Kroger's for groceries, and some more of the drops that I have to use every hour. I also bought a pair of sunglasses to help me see driving in the sunshine. 

Our church is having a Thanksgiving supper on Sunday evening, and that way members will be free to celebrate Thanksgiving together without worrying about getting together closer to the actual holiday. I am going to be making a squash casserole and an old=fashioned raisin pie. Yum!

On last Saturday morning, I ordered an embroidery sewing machine and it arrived on Tuesday by UPS. I unpacked it, but haven't set it up yet. Right now, I have two work tables in my living room, each with a machine on them. I still have to read the instruction books and clear off a place to set it up as I read. 

Well, my appetite tells me that lunch time has come and gone, and I need to prepare something to eat. I think I may have a tomato, mayo, onion, cheese sandwich. Chicken for supper sounds good, too. 

I will probably be sewing this afternoon. I hope to spend some time today or tomorrow visiting with Teresa on Skype. I also hope to go to a yard sale sometime this weekend with Carol. On Tuesday, I had a piece of furniture from the yard sale delivered to my home. It is a sewing machine cabinet that must be fifty years old. They removed the machine because I did not want it; I just wanted the cabinet which I will be using as a desk for my guest bedroom. It will be a good place to do my Bible Studying and teaching preparation. 

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. I would appreciate your prayers on behalf of Teresa, who is having knee surgery to repair some torn ligaments on Monday of next week. I know she would as well. Thank you so very much. Thank you for the prayers lifted up in my behalf as well. Bye for now. More later.


Barbara said...

Ruby,Hi I think we got my problem figured out,and fixed.Hope your eye will be healed by Thursday.have a great evening.

Arlee Bird said...

Now raisin pie sounds kind of interesting. Is it something like mincemeat pie?
Glad you are recovering from your eye procedure. Scary thing to have people messing with your eyes.

Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11

Barbara said...

Good morning,hope you have a lovely day.Now that I can comment again,I am happy.Seems something was turned off.One of my daughters fixed it for me.Hope your quilting is coming along.You are a busy bee aren't you?

Mom B said...

Bummer! I'm sorry I missed going to a yard sale with you! Whose was it? I ended up getting a call from Burleson this morning about a fire at a restaurant. After Debbie and I got the lasagne's made for tomorrow's Sunday School Dinner, I headed for Burleson, and didn't get back till 6 pm! Everywhere I drove today, there were yard sale signs. It must have been the best day ever for yard sales!

Love you!

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