Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams and Complaints

Hey, Y'all,
Have you ever awakened crying or whimpering? I did early this morning. Of course, I was dreaming. I remember the dream so clearly, even now. Yesterday, my head was itching from fall and winter dryness. Naturally, having been a teacher for twenty-eight years, the first thing I always think of when my head begins to itch is lice. I have never had them, but as a teacher I lived in fear of catching them. I used to have my beautician check my head when I would go in for a haircut and my head would be itchy.  

Anyway, that must have been on my mind when I went to sleep. I was dreaming that Dubby and I were in our home, and our heads began to be itchy. We discovered that a family had taken up residence in our home (we must have had a large house, ha ha) and there was a mother with three children. I thought at first that the kids had lice because they had these rough places on their heads. It turned out to be some kind of sores that were caused by allergies of some kind. But they were staying at our house, and it was meal time, and I was looking in my fridge and freezer for something to feed all of us. 

There was no meat, and when I looked for potatoes to prepare there were only a few - not enough to feed all six of us, and not much of anything else. I was beginning to feel desperate...that was when I woke up whimpering. Wow! What a dream. There was much more to it but that was the main gist of it. 

(Regarding the Occupiers of Dallas): When I was watching the news this morning, I saw that the police had moved in around midnight last night and emptied the camp outside City Hall. The city had given the occupiers notice to evacuate and some had already left. There were those who thought they had a long time to leave, so some left peacefully and about 18 others were arrested and carried off in squad cars. A huge amount of trash and a number of tents were left behind. Now there is a huge mess to clean up. Crime had begun to run rampant throughout the encampment. People were urinating in places that were not meant to be used as such. Good riddance, I say.

On to another subject: I have allergies to many things, and among them are colognes and perfumes. I can't even go down the aisle in the store that has air fresheners and detergents without sneezing and wheezing. I get the fabric softeners that are unscented. When I get close to people that are wearing perfumes, colognes, etc. the same thing happens: I sneeze and then my nose begins to drip and run. It is very embarrassing when I am trying to sing in the choir room with the other members and my nose begins to drip and I stand there trying to stop it with my finger and thumb. Last night, I finally just had to go into another room and get some tissues and blow. Then I was able to come back in and take my place again. Of course, by then I was choking up...hard to sing when that happens too. Ha.

Well, Teresa had her surgery yesterday and when I talked to her hubby, Tom, he said she was doing well (in pain, but not intolerable), so I hope I will get to talk to her some time today. Today, I go back to the eye surgeon and hopefully will get the clear protective lens removed from my eye. It is very annoying, but necessary, I know.  Thank you all for prayers on our behalf. 

I am also going to bake some "Lottie Moon Cookies" like those made by Lottie Moon, the missionary to China so many years ago. Any Baptist can tell you who Lottie Moon was. Every year we take up money to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to help our foreign missionaries. All the money collected goes into a fund to help them with their work and none of it goes to administration of the funds. 

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later. 


My Journey With Candida said...

WOW, what a dream!! Thank goodness it was a dream..LOL

When my Daughter was young, I too had a terrible fear of her getting lice and me too. I would spray her with off before going to school when lice was found in the other kids. SHE HATED IT and I can't blame her. What was I thinking?

Grammy said...

Oh, My, You gave me an out loud chuckle! The kind I love the most! thanks for making my day!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wow what a dream Ruby, I very often wake up crying since my son won't speak to me and has stopped me seeing the grandchildren.

Take care.