Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Audi Commercial

Hey, Y'all,
Say, do you watch commercials? A lot of people don't, but I do. I find humor, pathos, silliness, and all the foibles of mankind in them. They are a miniscule picture of our society as it exists today. There is one that has just begun to be shown (at least, I first noticed it the other day) and it really bothers me. It is the commercial for the Audi and other automobiles in that group. A  young man arrives home for the holidays, and as soon as he enters the house, it is empty, and the parents are just taking off for the holiday in their new automobile. The father looks at the mother and smiles, saying, "He'll be just fine!" 

Now, to me, that commercial is a sad commentary on our times.  Families apart, each one going their own way, with no thought of others in their family. Thank God, it is not representative of all families, but the trend does seem to grow each year. I praise God that our family comes together instead of each going their own way. The people in the commercial are obviously wealthy. Hey, maybe that is the difference between them and my family. 

Another commercial that really bugs me is the one for Target, where the woman in red is exercising getting ready to shop, (getting in shape so she can run over everyone else to get to the Black Friday bargains) and then she screams, "IT's here, it's here!" when she looks at the sale paper. PLEASE! Give me a break!

What it all boils down to is: we are a nation of shoppers...give me, get me, I want....I got to get this or that....Oh, my I don't have my shopping done...what can I get for?....We are a nation that is the wealthiest in the world and we are out to shop and get more....do we want to look at pictures of people in the world who have nothing...who live in tents or on the streets with nothing? No, it is too uncomfortable for us to see. 

Where am I going later today? Christmas shopping... go figure. We have a Christmas Angel tree at church. I am buying gifts for a 12 year old little girl who would have nothing otherwise. It makes me feel a little better about others. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering will be getting something from me as well. I would urge each of you to do something for someone not in your family that is less fortunate than you. It will give you a measure of good feeling.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


Anonymous said...

I highly agree with you about commercials! And that Target one gets me too. But I've never been "black-Friday" shopping, so I don't know, maybe those who go need to get prepared like the Target lady? lol
Blessings on your day as you shop for your angel tree!

Serbian Mink said...


i don't watch commercials and i don't shop...my family Christmas tradition was Holy Supper on Christmas Eve followed by church and exchanging one gift per person.

thus, i've not experienced the madness nor do i have the urge to deluge family and friends with gifts.

we are indeed a society treading on thin ice.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Some of our commercials are better than the programmes but there are others that are a waste of time to watch.

Take care.

Mom B said...

Mom, you're a sweet lady. Glad I landed on your family tree! Love you!

Grammy said...

Gee, Carol, the apples don't fall very far from the tree! Love to my two apples, you and Teresa

Barbara said...

Ruby,Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.