Monday, August 18, 2008

A Visit From Tanya, Kevin, and Adam

Howdy, You all,
Just wanted to share with you the fact that Allie and Mark's oldest daughter is in from California with her two children visiting and it has been wonderful to see them again. Kevin is almost three and Adam is close to being a year old. They are beautiful children and very well-behaved. Tanya is a really great mother to them. Their dad, Bryan, is an architect and couldn't get away to come with them.

The other day, when I was over there visiting, the kids were anxious to get into the swimming pool. So nothing to do, but put their bathing suits on, along with a life vest for Kevin and let them do their thing. Tanya kept a close rein on little Adam, and put him into a vest that was on Tanya. It was some kind of safety device that holds a baby in place in front of the mother, kind of like a front carrier back pack, only on the front instead of the back.

Tanya's sister, Jessie came over and swam with them as well.
Mark and Allie are having a wonderful time being grandparents. It suits them very well.

Yesterday evening, Allie cooked bratworst and hamburgers and had our friends, Gene and Judy; Mark and Allie's daughters, Jessie and Rachael; Rachael's fiance, and his two children; Jennifer (our honorary granddaughter, and Mark and Allie's honorary daughter); and me; over for a meal. It was great fun! Tanya has to leave on Tuesday, the day after the fourth daughter, Sarah, comes in from California as well.

Sarah will be here for a week, but I will only get to see her a short time, since Dub and I will be leaving on Thursday for Illinois to see our grands and great grands. We can hardly wait.

I have been doing laundry today so that we will have the clothes we want to wear.
You know how one wears the same things all the time (favorite clothes, you know).

I have my laundry done, and Dub's will be done before bedtime tonight.

I took pictures of my roses this morning and they are beautiful, I think. I am posting today a picture of them, and also of Tanya and her children. I posted a picture of Allie holding Adam.

We had Gene and Judy (our good friends) over for supper on Saturday evening, along with her mother, Marian (the 90 year old lady), and after supper we played dominoes. One of our favorite pastimes, you know, is dominoes. We always have a great time laughing and talking. We are all very social people and love company.
Well, I gotta go get some work done. Laundry to finish, and supper to get, and dishes to do.
Thought for the day: Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my Redeemer."
I trust each of you will have a good night's rest and feel the peace in your heart that only Christ can give you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening.


Judy said...

Your roses are beautiful and the children are so cute. I used to play dominoes all the time at work on my lunch hour. Have not played since I retired. Will have to get them back out. Enjoy your trip and your grandchildren. Be safe. TN said...

Nice pictures and cute children. Have a safe trip to see the grands and the greats. Take a lot of pictures! Clara

Tanya said...

We loved visiting with you while in Tenn. I hope you have a wonderful trip this week. (it is a made for water infant carrier) very handy with two small children and only one mom :) in the pool...