Monday, August 25, 2008

In Richmond, Kentucky

Hey, Y'all,
After driving all day (mostly) we arrived in the lovely little town of Richmond, Ky. and are ensconced in the local Super 8 motel. We went to Wendy's for supper of fast food. Dub has already gone to bed, but I am up watching my Monday night shows, and spending some time on my laptop. (Do you remember when a laptop was actually a cover that you put on your legs to cover them from cool air? Or a place you set a child to cuddle them? ha) I know one thing, my lap is not big enough or flat enough to hold a laptop computer and use it well!

We stopped in Indiana at Brownsburg, where we stayed going to Daniel's and had lunch (breakfast food) at the Bob Evans where we ate when we stayed there. It happened to be at the right place on our way home, for eating lunch.

We had a great time at Daniel and Whit's and were treated royally while there. The children were so much fun and we did some fun things together. I had the chance (and took it) to read to the four of them and enjoyed it thoroughly!

I took them a craft to do and we did it together. The craft I took was some little suncatchers and the paint to paint them with. It was such an enjoyable activity. Gramps and I got to do a lot of snuggling with them, too. I will be posting some pictures after I get home and can download them from my camera to my regular computer.

Gramps gets confused sometimes at night about where he is, and wound up twice in Whitney and Daniel's bedroom, looking for the bathroom. They were very understanding (of course) and took it humorously. He just will not sometimes wake me up, when he gets up.

We were privileged to attend the Sunday services at the church where Daniel is pastor, and to hear him preach. We are so very pleased that they have made a wonderful life in their community and they are living to serve the Lord, and are bringing up their children as they were raised, in fear and admonition of the Lord.
Daniel's sermon was about the transfiguration of Jesus, and the effect of the transfiguration on his disciples. Also, what the effects of seeing HIs glory should be on us, and how we are called to worship, and hear, and obey Him.

At lunch yesterday, Dan asked Noah, his 3 year old, what his sunday school lesson had been. He couldn't remember at first, and then when his older brother, Austin, said it was about Heaven, Noah said, "oh yes, we won't need band-aids in heaven". Isn't that a wonderful concept for three year olds to learn and understand?

It was a wonderful visit, and it was difficult to leave, knowing the possibility that we might not be able to make the trip again. Not knowing what can transpire in the next year, we can not be sure of anything, can we? We just have to take life as it comes, haven't we?

Well, we are on our way home to morrow, and hope to visit with Hugh, Imazo and Mae tomorrow before we finish our trip from Knoxville to New Market. We have missed seeing them. We will also see Mark and Allie maybe when we get to New Market.

We love to go, but there is nothing like coming home, is there?

Thought for today: If we could see what Heaven holds for us, would we try so hard to hold on to this life?

May you feel God's love and peace in your heart and have a good night's rest tonight. Blabbin' Grammy is signing off for tonight. Bye for now.

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Judy said...

Great pictures Grammy. Glad you all had a good time. Richmond, a little over an hours drive from me. Glad hubby didn't get hit in the head with the shower rod! I am always glad to get home no matter how much I enjoyed my trip.