Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Ready to Travel

Hi, Y'all,
Well, we are getting excited about our upcoming trip to Illinois to visit our family that lives there. I have printed off AAA directions to their house, looked for a motel to stay at on our way, and one to stay at on the way home. We will be staying in their home while we are there.

Of course, we will probably have to call them when we are almost there, because we will probably get lost. ha. I am really good at that sometimes.

We went to Knoxville this morning to take Hugh, Imazo and Mae out to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel (one of our favorite places to eat) and after taking Hugh and Dub back to their home, Imazo, Mae and I went to Krogers so they could get some groceries.

I got our laundry done yesterday, so that is out of the way. Tomorrow, I will be carrying off the trash to the dumpsters because we live out in the country and there is no trash pick-up out here. I just vacuumed the house, and all that kind of stuff, so the house will be clean when we return home.

Tomorrow we will be packing for the trip and doing last minute decisions on "what to take". We always take more clothes than we need, do you? It is difficult to know for sure. Medicines are always one of those things we have to make sure to take with us. It seems the number of medications has always increased as the years roll by.

Cleaning out the fridge before we carry off the trash is a necessity. Somehow or other, left overs seem to accumulate til the fridge gets a little crowded. Don't you just hate to clean out the refrigerator? I do.

I may even sleep a little late tomorrow. Maybe until 8 a.m. if I can. For me, that is late, since I am usually awake by 6:30 or so. My mom never let any of us sleep late, so it is a lifetime habit of waking early and being out and doing. Each night, she would wind the alarm clock and say, "bedtime" and we would turn out the lights and go to bed. There was never any question of not going at that time. Next morning, it would be, "time to get up", and out of bed we would roll and start the new day.

Well, that is about all for now. We can hardly wait to get to Illinois to see Daniel, Whitney, Hannah, Austin, Noah, and Ellie! Leaving on Thursday morning...smiling.

Thought for the day: Psalm 25:4 "Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths."
May you feel the love and peace of God within today.
Bye now. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now.


Judy said...

Enjoy your trip and come home safe. I know you will have lots of good meals!

Clara....in TN said...

Be safe and have fun! Clara

Grammy said...

Thanks, Ladies! We intend to and will probably post when we can. We plan on taking lots of pictures and having lots of fun with Whit, Dan, Hannah, Austin, Noah, and Ellie!