Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Howdy, folks!
Just got back from the grocery store and Dub finished putting groceries away for us. Shopping for groceries always seems to take the starch out of me, and so I headed for the computer room and my computer chair.
I couldn't sleep last night when I went to bed, so I got up and played computer games until about 3 a.m. then went to bed. Unfortunately, the need to sleep has just hit me, but I will resist until I can resist no longer. (or nap at the computer). Sometimes I do that.
Well, I called the AT&T offices this morning and I think I have it all straightened out. We will see when I get the new bill in September. Can you believe it is so close to Autumn?
While I was at the grocery store, I saw someone that I hadn't seen in several years and we had to catch up on what had been happening to family since seeing each other. This was a woman who had gone to school with Carol and Teresa. She was telling me how her sister, Sue's, husband had died two weeks ago. Not exactly how he died, but that he had. Her parents have alzheimers, and also her aunt is not well. She spends her time between them and doesn't have a lot of time for herself.
It is always great to see old friends again. We hugged each other, I gave her my phone number and we were both on our way.
Our grass outside is so very dry and we are hoping for rain this evening.
We will be getting up early in the morning to take Imazo to the hospital to have cataract surgery in one of her eyes.
Well, my eyes are shutting down in spite of myself. More later.
May you be aware of God's blessings on each of you! Bye for now from Blabbin' Grammy.


Clara....in TN said...

Hi Grammy, I know what you mean by being sleepy. Somtimes I get to catch a cap nap, but very seldom. I did today....after cleaning out a fence row!!!! I wish I had made a picture of the before and after.

Judy said...

Hi Grammy, I sometimes doze off at the computer also. It is so dry here. We really need rain bad. The weather has been wonderful and in the 70s and low 80s but just dry.