Friday, August 29, 2008

Update on Illnesses

Hey, Y'all,
It was a rocky night last night. Gramps couldn't get out of bed on his own, because of the crick (or whatever it is) in his neck and shoulders. So we stayed up for quite a while and I told him that he needed to sleep in his chair in the living room for awhile. I stayed up at my computer and played games until about 4 a.m. and figured we could safely go to bed around that time.

I went in to the living room about almost 4 and found him lying in the floor with his blanket, and got him up and we got him into bed after a bathroom visit. Then we both went to sleep and then were up around 7:30 this morning. We had breakfast and then he went back to sleep and i got busy with things that had to be done. So he spent the all morning and into the afternoon sleeping.

He is now moving better and can mostly get out of bed on his own with a few instructions from yours truly. So, I believe he is on the mend. We spent a while on the front porch this afternoon watching the bees drink the hummingbird food and also the hummingbirds sharing the feeders with them.

Gramps said he saw a bird yesterday at the bird bath and the bird had approached it cautiously, I guess trying to decide what to do with it. I still say we should go out and demonstrate its use to the birds. ha.

An update on John: we talked to Darlene last night and then today Hugh called her to find out more of John's situation. He is still in the hospital through tonight. He was coughing up blood in his sputum, and they seemed to think it was because he had been using more oxygen than he needed. He had turned it up to a five on the valve, which apparently was more than he needed.

I am hoping he will have a good night's sleep tonight (and that we will also). Today has been a very laid back day and I expect tomorrow will be too.

We had a root beer float for supper along with our small DeGiorno's pizza. It was sooooooooo good. It has been a while since we had had a root beer float. There is nothing like it in the summer time. It really hit the spot.

Well, this is all for today. Thought for today is: Do something for someone today (or tomorrow) that is unexpected by that person. You will be blessed and they will too.

This is Blabbin' Grammy ending the blog for today. May you feel God's peace in your heart and have a good night's rest. Thank you for your prayers on Gramps and John's (and my) behalf. Bye for now.

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