Friday, August 22, 2008

At Dan and Whit's

Howdy, Y'all,

Well, we made it almost all the way to Dan's house without having to call him, but as luck would have it, we (I) were (was) not sure of the final part of the journey, since Dub was reading the printed directions out loud and had not gotten to the last part of it before I chickened out. But, we were going the right way and could have made it without help. We were pleased to have him help us.

We are having a delightful time playing with the great grandchildren and will have pictures when we get back to E.TN in a few days. They played with us, and then went outside to play after the two youngest took naps.

We had a delicious supper prepared by Whitney and then the children took baths. After baths, the children came back in for evening activities.

Here it is the next day (Saturday) and after a good night's rest, every one is ready to take on a brand new day. Everyone has had breakfast and Daniel is working on his sermon for tomorrow, the children are playing with Gramps and Whitney is busy doing stuff. I got some really great pictures yesterday evening, but they will have to wait for downloading until we get back home.

I am using my laptop computer right now, while I am waiting for whatever will come today in the way of activities. Tomorrow is church day and we will get to hear our grandson preach again. We are so very proud of him and Whitney in their service for the Lord and the way they are raising their four children.,

Well, that is all for today. Got other things to do right now. May God's peace and love reign in your hearts today. Bye now from Blabbin' Grammy.


Serbian Mink said...

hey tia woooby,

glad u made the trip safely....where's your spirit of adventure....getting lost affords one the opportunity to explore uncharted venues!

love to all.

Grammy said...

The adventuring spirit is willing, but the failing flesh can be weak sometimes. We were not lost, just not as far along as we thought we were.
Love to all,
Tia Woooby TN said...

Getting lost is half of the fun. That makes me think of a story! I taught my Mother-in-law to drive when she was 65 years old. My father-in-law had just recently passed away. She learned to drive (with a few wrecks under her belt). She thought whe was the best driver on the face of the earth, but I would never ride with her. I always drove when we went out together. One day she decided she was going to visit relatives in Pennsylvania. (ALONE) She lived in TN. Somehow she took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of downtown New York City. Lord have mercy! I'm glad I wasn't with her. I wouldn't even attempt to drive in New York City. After hours....she finally got back on the turnpike and found her relatives. She said she didn't get nervous until it was all over! I get nervous thinking about it! LOL