Monday, August 11, 2008


Howdy, you all,
Went back to the dentist today, and had another impression made (I'm very impressionable, you know) for one of my crowns. One of the permanent ones that he was not satisfied with the way it fit, so we did a do-over today. Last week, I got to wear my lower partial and then had to give it up again today to have it sent off with the impression of my tooth that it fits over. Not a bad visit at all.

We went to Knoxville yesterday and had lunch with Hugh, Imazo and Mae at Shoney's. One of our favorite places to eat. After lunch, we went back to Hugh's and sat around talking (other than eating, one of the things we do best). I passed on the information about our brother, John, who lives in Phoenix with his wife, Darlene, and their son, Mark. John is the youngest of the family and also has congestive heart failure just as Hugh and I have, but his is much worse than ours (not saying a lot for ours even).

Anyway, then we got to talking about Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville and some of the buildings and businesses that have changed hands and disappeared from existance.
One of them is the Park Theatre. Dub and I used to go to Knoxville and go to the movies there. First we would go to Weaver's Restaurant on the corner of Prosser and Magnolia. Mmmmm, such good food they had there. Good home cooking and we were never disappointed in it.

Another place we used to go was the Cherry Park-In which was on the corner of Cherry Street and Magnolia. They had the best sandwiches and made some of the best banana splits we ever indulged in.

We also used to stop at the Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop just a little ways past Cherry Street on Magnolia. On our way home from visiting Hugh and Imazo or Mae and Bill or Ralph and Thelma, we would turn left on Magnolia and stop at Krispy Kreme and take home a dozen warm oozy yummy doughnuts, fresh from their ovens.

A business that my brother, Ralph, used to live next to, was Swan's bakery. He worked there and would often take home fresh hot bread right from the pans. That probably didn't do his arteries any good, eating all that bread, because he had had eight heart attacks during his life, and finally died of one, right there in the manager's office, at the age of 61. Swan's bakery is no longer there.

Before he died, though, he and Thelma, and their son, Mike, moved into the house next door to Mae and Bill. They enjoyed spending time together and living next door to one another.

Those are just some of the businesses that I remember. There were also once stately homes along Magnolia, that have now been either torn down, or turned into apartments and businesses.

Chilhowee Park and the Knoxville Zoo are still there and quite active. Many events take place at the park and the Knoxville Zoo is growing each year with new exhibits being added. The Tennessee Valley Fair is scheduled to open sometime in September. We won't be going, but a lot of people do. Parking is always at a premium along Magnolia, and a lot of people who live along there make a good amount of money letting people park on their property. One can see people with flags motioning drivers to come and park.

Update on my battle with AT&T: They still don't have it right and I have to call them again tomorrow. Wish me luck. They seem to employ people who can really be stupid. Wonder where they find them?

Well, that is all today from Blabbin' Grammy. God bless you all and hope you have a good night's rest. Bye for now. My husband says there won't be a good night's rest because people will be up watching Monday Night Football. (but not this chicky) He has just asked me to pop him some pop corn. . Bye!

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