Sunday, August 17, 2008

Growing up In Jefferson City - Part IV

Hi, there, this is Dub again, doing the last guest blog for a while.

This picture is of my friend, J.W., and his wife, Donella. They came to visit with us on Friday and Grammy took this picture as they were getting ready to leave. They were in town for a high school reunion.

Growing up here in Jefferson City, my friend, J.W. and I went to movies and tried to go each Saturday for the double feature which was ususally a western. We sold chickens from his mother's flock (given to us by his mother) to Shipe's Grocery and earned money to go to the movies. One movie I remember that I demonstrated to my brother, Howard, showing him how the Indians attacked with tomahawks. I picked up the fire shovel and was waving it above my head. I knocked out overhead light in the living room.

J.W. and I collected pasteboard wherever we could find it and worked for ten cents an hour trying to make enough money to go to the movies. We then sold the pasteboard to the local spring factory because they used pasteboard (cardboard) between the springs when they packed them for shipment.

One of our pastimes was trying to see how far we could walk around the school on the protruding concrete edge of the school foundation. We held on to windows while we were doing this. Eventually we would get to a part of the school that had no windows.We would then have to let go and jump off.

Another one of my many antics was when they were putting light poles around on the streets of Jefferson City. The holes were quite deep. I was still in grammar school at the time. I decided I would drop down into one and check it out. I found it was deeper than I thought. I was embarrassed, scared, and after several attempts to get out, I found out that by bracing my feet on either side of the hole, I could push myself up til I could get close enough to the top to get out.

This was not the last time I found myself in a tough spot, but God has helped me out many times.

Thought for the day: Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

This is Grammy again.
I'd like to thank Dub for being the guest blogger over the past few days. He is a good man, and I appreciate his wisdom and kindness. I love you, Dubby.

Our good friends, Allie and Mark, are enjoying a visit from their oldest daughter, Tanya, and her two children, Kevin and Adam. They left husband and daddy, Bryan, back home in California, working hard. Hopefully, he can come with them next time. More on their visit tomorrow.

This is Grammy signing off for today. I hope each of you will get a good night's rest, and feel God's peace in your heart. Good bye for now.


Judy said...

Sounds like Dub and J.W. loved going to those movies and were willing to work to get the money to go. Dub makes a good guest blogger. He has a lot of childhood memories. Sounds like he was your typical boy and loved getting into stuff!

Grammy said...

Hi, Judy,
Yes, he was a typical run-around-town doing all the fun stuff that kids used to could do. Unfortunately, times have changed and kids are no longer safe to do the kid kind of things. Of course, he grew up in the 1930's and 40's.
Thanks for continuing comments.
Ruby TN said...

Say thanks to Dub for being a guest blogger. Sounds like he was a typical boy and had some really good times.
Grammy, did you ever go to Poetry by loree? If so, did you like it?