Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wow! Ain't it HOT?

Hey, y'all,
Heat here in the triple digits with West Nile Virus seeming to be running rampant. Some neighborhoods being sprayed to combat it, but so far haven't noticed any trucks in our area doing that. The grass has taken over my flowerbeds, but I neither have the energy or the want-to to sit amongst the skeeters and pull it out. So, have at it, little skeeters and grass. I'm past caring. Temperature heading for 107 today. 

I haven't been outside since Sunday around noon time, except for checking mail. Planning to go out today to a quilting fabrics store.  I began yesterday putting together a twin size quilt for one of my great grands. Those will no doubt be the last ones I make for them. I have planned to make maybe around ten more quilts of such kind. That'll be it. 

Tonight is choir practice. Weatherman is just now predicting (on TV) that we will be in the triple digits for at least a week and a half. Ain't it grand??? My home thermostat is set on 79, and if one goes outside and comes back in, it really feels cool inside. Remember when we were growing up, we had no air conditioning, and kept the windows up a lot, hoping for a breeze coming through the windows? At night, when the air cooled down a little, we slept with our heads right below the windows, trying to keep cool?  (AH! Those were the days that make us appreciate the air conditioning of today!)

 Nearly 6 a.m. and I need to go put all my pills for the week into the pill-minder in my kitchen. Two more episodes of "The Closer" and then it will be over... I will miss it, but will go on with the new spin-off of "Major Crimes". I don't like the way The Closer is heading. I am wondering how Brenda Leigh is going out. Doesn't look good for her. Of course, they may be misleading us. 

Well, that is about it for today... Love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today.


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Anonymous said...

107?? Holy Moly..I don't I would be going out in that heat. It has been one wild summer temp wise hasn't it? Take care and don't overdo.