Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Unexpected Visitor

An Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday, I had a visitor
No, I had not expected him,
And he entered quietly,
So it was a surprise, you see.

He didn't say a word, 
He was mute as he could be,
In fact he could have been a she,
It mattered not at all to me.

He appeared quite suddenly 
Upon my bathroom floor,
Underneath a washcloth,
When I gathered my laundry.

No, not a spider,
Not a little snake,
It was a tiny gecko,
Lying flat as a little cake.

No bigger than a quarter,
He ran when I moved the cloth,
And flattened himself once more,
When I became so wroth. 

How dare that little fellow
Invade my private space!
I'd certainly give him "what for"
If I only had some Mace.

Alas, I couldn't do him in,
He was too fast for me,
Would he bite me on the bum,
When I used the lavatory?

Later Carol told me,
He would be a friend, you see,
And eat up all the skeeters
And help keep me West Nile Virus free.

My contribution (if you can call it that) to the world of poetry. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Pretty darn good poem....and funny too.

Grammy said...

thanks. :)

Mom's Blog said...

Love it! May he/she be fat and happy and may you never see him/her!

Unknown said...

Ok, so it eats skeeters, but where does it poop? I'm just sayin'....