Monday, August 13, 2012

Are You a Dreamer?

Hey, y'all
I am a dreamer, both literally and figuratively. My night time dreams are so real that I remember a good deal of them for a long time. 
Let me tell you about last night's dream... (In case  you're interested, that is...ha)
Last night, I had bought a new house and it seemed it was a ranch house...hmmm fancy that! I had bought a horse or two, as well. There was a cook in the kitchen of the ranch house and she was making refried bean tortillas. Yum! Naturally, there was food in the dream. I put some oil into a skillet and some sausage to cook and then just left it, only to come back in and see it was really smokin' up the kitchen. I must have been hungry. Ya reckon?
Anyway, that was some house...
Oh, yeah, and a lady shows up sitting in my kitchen and I ask her what she is doing there. She tells me  that she used to work there for the previous owner, and that I owe her money. I told her, "I reckon not!" She got up and said, "I was afraid you were going to say that." She left and I woke up. 

Yesterday morning, I got up and the house was quite warm. I wondered why the air conditioning wasn't keeping the house cool. I looked at the thermostat  (one of those confounded contraptions that has to be programmed) and it said "filter" so I figured it was time to change it. I didn't have a new one, so I had to hightail it out of the house by 6:45 to go to Walmart to get a new one. Of course, I had to get ready for church before I left because the early service begins at 8:15, and I had to pick up the lady I take each Sunday by 7:45.

So, off to Wally World I go, and get a sausage biscuit to eat while I am there at Mickey D's (in the Walmart store). I get back to the house by 7:15, install the new filter, and sit down to eat my biscuit and drink my coffee. Then it's up and out of the house. When I got back after lunch the house was still warm, and I was sure the air conditioning was not working. I turned on all the ceiling fans, (there are five in the house) and by evening the house was quite comfortable. 

This morning the thermostat was sitting at 76 which is the set temperature on it, so hopefully the filter took care of it. The registers were blowing cold air this morning so it must be working. I turned off the ceiling fans in three of the rooms and we'll see if it, in fact, is working. If not, I'll call the service man. No need to call him if all is okay,. If the temp rises appreciably and not taken care of by a/c, I'll call him.

Oh, yeah, on Friday evening, I walked through my immaculately kept house (anybody believe that statement? ha) and stepped on a sewing needle. Yep, right between my big toe and one next to it, and it went in pretty good. So, I pulled it out, and poured peroxide on the affected area. I reckon today I need to check with the doc to see if I can come in for a tetanus booster, since I don't remember when I had the last one. hmmm. 

Well, that's about it for now. Reckon I'll start another quilt today. I feel at loose ends when I don't have one in the making. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you. Bye for now. More later.           


Anonymous said...

That was some wacky dream, but, I like that it had food in it lol. Take care of that 'sewing' injury now.

Grammy said...

Thanks...went to dr's office and got a tetanus shot for it. They are really good about helping patients even without an appointment! How great is that? I even got a hello and hug from the doctor!