Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gunboats Versus Sporty Cars

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I just returned from a trip to Wally world where I had my usual breakfast at Mickey D's when I go there early in the a.m..

Of course, I bought two apple pies and gave one away to a couple of elderly people, who had never eaten one before. So they thanked me and a little later told me how good it was. We talked for a few minutes about books (I was reading, of course) and then they went on their way. What a pleasant way to begin my day!

When I came out, a little old lady was getting into one of those huge cars that look like they were built for tall and big people. I call them "Gunboats" because they look like you could attack anything when you are in one. It took her a huge amount of space to turn it around and get out of the parking area. Verrrrrrry slowwwwwly at that.

That reminded me of one of my pet peeves: husbands putting their wives (especially older wives) into those huge cars to protect them in case they are involved in an accident. I have a clue for them: most usually if you have to put your wife to driving one of those big boats to protect them, the wives should maybe not usually be driving. It is the other drivers that need protection. 

Picture this: little old lady, in a car made for large drivers, barely able to see above the dashboard, driving into traffic, maybe not even knowing where she is going (or how to get there) out, other drivers. Hazards ahead! 

Or picture this: Little old lady angry because she has to drive gunboat when she would rather be able to choose her own vehicle, (a sporty little two door, that zips around). I thank God that my husband never thought it necessary to decide for me what I would have to drive! (He would have had a dickens of a time trying, anyway. Ha.) 

Well, anyhow, I think that when it comes time for me to turn over my keys, I will do so without too much of a fuss. (We'll see, won't we? HA) But I know one thing for sure, you won't find me driving a "gunboat". Give me a sporty little jitney anytime!

Well, that is it for today. Gotta listen to my CD for Church Choir, and do a little more sewing. It is also day to visit with my 3 great grands that live about ten minutes from me. Who knows, we might go up into a space ship today! Wouldn't that be exciting? 

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


D.G. Hudson said...

You make me laugh and you're totally right about those big boats! Women driving trucks don't do so well either (it gives a false aura of Road Warrior).

Love your attitude about life, Grammy. I hope I have your spunk when I'm your age.

Grammy said...

Thanks! I always say: "Always leave
'em laughin'" Ha ha. I'm nearly 80 and aiming for 90. (I hope)

Mom B said...

You, Mom, are NOT the gunboat type! Definitely the sporty little Red Yaris type! :-)

Blabbin' Grammy said...

Will be back when I get my new 'puter