Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey, Y'all,
Well, I had my sonogram this morning, and glad that is over with. :)
Just to up date you on Teresa's condition. She posted that she had a rough time of the last treatment yesterday, and the roughest so far, I think. They must have put some extra punch into the last chemo, because she said that it really laid her lower than usual. I know that you all who read my posts are keeping her in your prayers and I thank you for that, as she does as well. :)

I finished my part of the fireplace project and now it will be up to Carol and Daryl to finish it when they can. I know it won't take long to do it.

Last evening, I had the pleasure of Skyping with my grandson, Daniel and his wife, Whitney, and their four children who all live in Illinois. Isn't technology marvelous? And yet, more marvelous is the fact that God controls the universe and has given mankind the knowledge to develop the technology that we use!!! He is so very Awesome! We think sometimes, "Boy, we are just such hot stuff"! and then we look up into the sky and see the stars and the vast heavens, and should realize how infinitesimal we are! I love the song, "Our God is an Awesome God!" don't you?

I had breakfast at Le Peep's this morning after my ordeal at the clinic, and enjoyed it thoroughly. My plans for this evening are to go to Carol and Daryl's for supper and a few games. (We love playing board games, dominoes, etc.). Tomorrow, I am going to be able to enjoy going to see Camelot at the Artisan Theater, not far from here, maybe 2 or 3 miles. The rain is supposed to hold off until tomorrow night, thank goodness.

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope Teresa will soon bounce back,
If she is anything like her mother she is a strong person.

I'm sure your test results will be fine.

Take care and enjoy your week-end.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Will continue to pray for Teresa.

Margie's Musings said...

I have Teresa in my thoughts and prayers, Ruby....and you too!

Jacqueline Howett said...

God Bless. So glad you got to skype.