Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half a Year Is Gone

Hey, Y'all,
I know it doesn't seem possible, but half of 2009 has gone by the wayside, and we are getting ready to go through the second half.

What a six months it has been for me...I am trusting the second half will be an improvement over the first. Gramps and I have not been able to travel at all this year, but it has not been all bad, you know. I believe the second half can only improve, don't you?

I did get to spend some quality time with Carol and Teresa. And I thank God for that.

I decided this morning to drive into Jefferson City and get a haircut, and it does look better. Then I went to the grocery store to get a few things. I took in the wrong billfold, and after writing a check, I had to leave my groceries and trek out to the car for my other one so I could have an ID to show the girl at the checkout counter. I was not feeling great, and had to go slowly to get my ID. By the time I got back in they were checking someone else out and I had to wait for my buggy. I also saw that they had put most of the stuff in one bag (too heavy for me to lift), so when I got out to the car, I had to do some switching into the other bag. Whine....And it was hot....whine...
and I was weak...whine... ha ha. I finally got the stuff transferred equally and crawled into my car, rolled down the windows and drove home.

I am still not sleeping well, but I am trusting that will improve sometime in the future. YES! I have a slight cough that seems to be connected with the surgery and is just enough to be annoying.

This morning after my shower, I put away some more of my stuff that I brought back from Teresa's. Some of it, I have to figure out where to put it. Last night I folded and put away laundry that I had done.

Laurie, Olivia, and Gabe came down this morning and helped me water my flowers in the yard and on the porch. Thanks to them, the flowers have survived my absence, and I am most grateful!

Allie is coming over after while...she just called to see if I needed any thing. She is just going to visit for awhile. It is always good to see her. The letter that I sent to Gramps a week ago, came back to Teresa's yesterday. I had apparently addressed it incorrectly. All the information was correct, but in the wrong order. A matter of semantics, it seems.

Well, that is about all for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to all of you. Thank you all again for your prayers. Bye for now.

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Judy said...

Grammy, Glad to hear you are out and about but hope you don't over do and pick up something too heavy or push yourself too hard. Please take care. I can't believe this year is half over either. Time seems to fly by these days. Hope you have a good 4th. I have my grandson Saturday night so I will be fully occupied. lol.