Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As Matters Stand Now

Hey, Y'all,
Mornings come slowly when one is ill, don't they? It seems the nights go on forever, because of where the staples are placed across my upper section of belly and the soreness in my body. It is difficult to really get comfortable at night (whine, whine), but I am still trying. Teresa has a large television on the dresser in my room, where I can watch videos. Getting in and out of bed proves a little difficult, but quite managable and I do have to get up a few times at night.

I was up a little before 6 a.m. this morning and took my shower, got dressed and went out onto the back patio. The patio is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the day. Birds are singing, breeze is blowing, and it is a great place to reflect on God's wonderful grace and loving tenderness toward us. I feel so loved to be here and to be taken such good care of by Teresa and Tom. I also feel so blessed that I have come through the major surgeries so well. I have a long way to go yet, but God willing, I will get there.

I still have some major edema in my ankles, but I am getting some advice on that. I should be getting some help from my cardiologist soon and from my family doctor back home. I still have a call or two to make on that.

I can't sit for too long at a time, and will soon have pictures to post of my surgical team at Vanderbilt, as soon as Teresa can help me do that.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to all of you. Bye for now. More tomorrow.


Barbara said...

Glad to see you are up and about this morning. yes you will be much better soon, we have to have faith
on that.Hang in there//

Clara....in TN said...

Good for you! You are coming right along! Keep on the sunny side and all will be well someday soon. God is good...all the time! Love, Clara

Serbian Mink said...

i liked the zhampooo Mohawk that Harland gave you, even though you are Cherokee!

Judy said...

Glad to hear you are up and around and even getting out of the house! It sounds like you have the best of care and are doing very well since your surgery. Hang in there. Hope things continue to improve day by day. Love, Judy


Hi Ruby hope you're recovering well. Things do take time to settle down after surgery.
I went to Spain last week for a few days to visit my son so was out of action . Thanks for the visit I do appreciate your visits.
Take good care of yourself.