Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hey, Y'all,

Just a bit of flotsam and jetsam this morning. I know some of you may be wondering about Gramps and how he is getting along. On Tuesday of this week, Mark and Allie took him up to the Assisted Living Facility in Morristown where he will be staying for the next four weeks until I can return to New Market. I had been preparing him for the change of his living status for several days before Tuesday.

He got up early (4 a.m.), went into Mark and Allie's bedroom, flipped on their light and said, "Well, I;m ready to get this show on the road!". Mark told him that they would be getting up later and that he should just go back to bed, so he did. Then he slept until about 10 a,m. Bless his heart.

I have talked to him every day as much as I could, since I left him with Mark and Allie on June 2. He hss weathered the changes pretty well. He seems to be adjusting to the stay at Terrace Estates. I call him every day to talk to him and his nieces check on him every day. Right now I am trying to get him a telephone installed in his room so that I can talk to him easier and others can call him as well.


I had a really great surgical team at Vanderbilt, and have posted a picture of those who did rounds each day while I was there. I apologize for the quality of the photo, but it was taken with my camera phone. I don't have a picture downloaded yet of the surgeon who did the operation, but will get that a little later and post it.

The home heslth care evaluator came by yesterday, and checked me out. He seemed to think that I am doing well without any home health care and told me that for the first time ever, he was recommending a patient did not need home health care. He thought I was doing very well for someone who had had surgery like I have. So that was good news for me. It seems they are sending a nurse out today anyway to check it out.

Teresa is taking good care of me here, and could be a slave driver...pushes me to walk around, rest, do my breathing using the spirometer, etc. (just joking, Tee) I could not ask for a more excellent care giver. She is working from home in her computer room and lets me in once in awhile as long as I keep quiet like the mouse. I am most blessed to be here. Thank you, Baby!

I am getting in some reading and rocking in a rocking chair on the back patio. I get up each morning around 6 a.m. and take my shower and get ready for the day ahead. My appetite is not up to par yet, but I am eating as much as I comfortably can. I thank the Lord that He has brought me through the surgery and continues to help me heal. He is the Great Physician, after all.
Well, that is about all for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Thank you again for all your prayers on our behalf. See you later. Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...

yer lucky T ain't gotcha scrubbin' da floors on yer hands n knees yet...jes wait, Gwammee, she's got a plan...

Judy said...

So glad to hear that you don't need home health and are recovering very well from the surgery. Thanks for catching us up on your progress and on Gramps and how he is doing. I know you are in the best hands you could be in. Hope all continues to go well and you are back home soon. Love and hugs and prayers are with you. Judy

azdarlene said...

Glad to hear you are doing better in Sweet Home Alabama. I know Teresa is taking good care of you and making sure you get rest. Hopefully you can get back to Sweet Home New Market soon. I know Gramps will like that very much. Still praying for your recovery and you are back home soon.
Love you
Darlene and Mark