Sunday, June 7, 2009

Squash, Anyone?

Hey, ya'll! I feel like I look, like a butternut squash. At least, that's what people tell me. I tried to claim it was just the coppery skin of my Cherokee ancestors, but no go. I've seen 2 doctors this morning. Neither one with what I would call great news, but I believe they really are trying to cure me and not kill me. Operative word, not trying. Everyone here is really, really nice, and could not be kinder. I am drinking so many liquids I'm positively bilious (of, or pertaining to, bile).

I had a fairly restful night. Carol, the "Buzzsaw", went home with Imazo, and we both got a pretty good night's sleep, but I am not sure about Imazo. (Ha, ha!) I discovered that if I left my TV on, and left the sound off, then I didn't have all these weird images in my mind while I was trying to sleep. When I'd hear the words, then it would wake me up because it had something to do with the whole sound thing. It's difficult to I was hallucinating. I arose from my bed several times during the night, unplugged my totem pole, and was getting rid of the water I had drunk during the evening, and also what is in the IV bag.

I have a procedure to go through tomorrow, and could possibly get to go home before the evening, depending on how it turns out. And, may possibly come back in 4-5 weeks for another procedure to remove a stent that they may put in tomorrow. I know that all sounds iffy, but I won't know until tomorrow.

I enjoyed my visit outside yesterday. It was good to have a little "Fun in the sun" and the fresh air felt good. I think I'll go back out again today.

Carol took this picture this morning that's posted at the top of the blog. You can copy it and use it to decorate your place this Halloween, with the orange pumpkin-color of my skin. You can see I'm getting up to speed, because I have my book in my hand! Carol brought me a beautiful begonia (something she isn't allergic to) and put it in my window beside the roses Imazo brought. It's nice to have flowers to brighten up a hospital room.

Much love to all of you. Keep the prayers going, and I hope to see you comin' thisa way.

Well, that's about it from Blabbin' Grammy today. Take care going over the speed bumps.

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