Saturday, June 6, 2009

Greetings From Eeyore

Hey, Y'all,
This is Grammy Eeyore coming atcha from my hospital room following major surgery and wishing it hadn't had to be done. It was supposed to be just a typical gall bladder removal, but that just didn't happen. I suppose i am feeling better and looking better. At least that is what they tell me. Ohhhhhhhhh Well.

In case you can't tell, I am a little down, but not quite out yet. I sup-pose it will get better. They had me on morphine for awhile, and things were kind of woozy and pleasant with no worries. I asked them not to use it anymore, because I want to be awake for everything that is going on, and get some feeling back in the places where it needs to be.

Speaking of sleeping, I haven't been sleeping much either. OH, well. Carol got here yesterday and it is really wonderful to have her here with me, She also brought her computer with her and I am using it to do my blog today. I am hoping to get the foley tube out today and have been using a machine to help increase my lung power so I can holler at people when I get out of here. ha.

I have started walking around in the hospital a little bit. Carol is going to take me outside for awhile today in a wheel chair. Hope it won't be too hot. Oh, well.

I have been having clear liquids for all three meals. It seems like citrussy lemon is the only flavor they know, along with a putrid thing known as chicken bouillon. Gag!

It seems that they are keeping me here over the weekend so they can run another test. If they could just give me a pencil and paper, I could take just about any test they gave me and do fairly well on il. But no soap, wroong kind of test. I am hoping to go home on Tuesday, Maybe,maybe not. Oh well. See you later, I hope.


Teresa said...

OHHHHHHHHH WEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL! I am glad to see you online again. Thanks, Carol! I know everyone has been worried. You just keep up the good work of getting better. I was glad to hear that the doctor came in to see you and talked with you and Carol today. We are praying that your drainage problem resolves itself. Love you bunches!!!

Barbara said...

Hi Ruby, I am so glad to see your blog again. I knew you had a bad surgery,I talked to Imazo a few times. Hang in there, It will get better.Believe it or not////
I know you are anxious to get home,
love Barbara

Tanya said...

hi aunt ruby, I'm glad to see you up and typing :). Uncle dubby is living it up in the big house while you are getting better, good thing mom and dad got rid of all those stairs right in time. I love you and hope you continue to regain strength and pretty soon you'll be tigger again :D