Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nailed - Like a Hen on a Junebug!

Hey, Y'all,
Nope, wasn't me! I was taking my passenger, Mattie, home after church around noon today, and a car passed us, moving quickly, and ran a red light. Well, you know, the police are really on their toes around here when it comes to seeing what is going on, and yep, they nailed him. And if motorists aren't careful, our toes get stepped on. I am always aware that this area where I live is always well patrolled and it makes me feel safe when it comes to being in my house or even driving. I am and always have been, a very careful driver. 

I realize I have been somewhat recalcitrant in not reporting that Carol's gall bladder surgery went well. She is doing just fine and I will be seeing her tomorrow morning. Daryl has been giving her excellent husbandly care as she has been recovering. I knew I didn't have to worry with him taking care of her. They work very well at caring for each other. 

This evening at church we had an outdoor fish fry (catfish fillets- yum) and an indoor ministry fair. Church members were treated to fried catfish, french fries, cole slaw, and also hamburgers for those who didn't choose to eat fish. Members brought dessert and I'm sure those were good, too, as always, but I chose not to have any dessert, so I didn't bring any. 

The ministry fair was composed of tables set up indoors with information about the various ministries of the church and signup sheets encouraging members to take part in them. I took information to the ladies who make quilts for the battered women's shelter on how to make six hour love quilts, like our church members at New Market, Tennessee made for the same kind of facility. 

This week I will be starting the putting together of a quilt for Teresa. I also have an appointment with my family doctor on Monday of next week (the 26th) for a fasting blood test and a physical. 

Oh, yeah, I just looked up at the clock and saw it is a little after midnight. We had some thunder storms this evening and my power went off a couple of times. It was not off for long at a time, probably two or three minutes. Teresa sent me a computer game and I got it in the mail yesterday, and loaded it onto my computer around five o'clock yesterday. I have been playing it most of the evening and have gone through the first half of it. It is not a relaxing game, and one of the levels I had to play five times before I accomplished it. Actually two of the times, my power went off so I got to begin the level again. It is an interesting game, however. 

Well, I just put my teeth to bed for the night, and took my nighttime medications. Ha! My teeth make it to bed before I do, and they swim in water, and I don't. (swim, I mean) Ha ha ha.
I just have a little more of the music to inventory at church. I need to do some reworking on the Excel spread sheet, but it won't take very long. There is quite a bit more of music to look at and weed out, but that will not take very long, I believe. 

I realize it has been nearly a week since I posted. I don't plan on taking that long before I post again. 

I made a squash casserole to take to the seniors Saturday luncheon yesterday, and it tastes as good as a leftover, as it does freshly made. After the luncheon, I went to the Artisan Theater and saw a production called, "Over the River and Through the Woods." It was excellent and funny in some places and had pathos in other places. It brought laughter to my lips and tears to my eyes. 

Well, I didn't intend to write an epistle tonight, but I guess I did. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. More later. Bye for now. 


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Enjoyed your post as usual Ruby, hope the blood test and phyiscal goes ok.

Take care.

Mom's Blog said...

I am SO looking forward to your home made potato soup today! I also have a movie ready. :-) Thanks for being next in the tag team! Ha!

Lola x said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x