Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sneezin' Time Again

Hey, Y'all,
Didja ever do a lot of sneezing at one time? I am a master at it, believe you me! I never know when it is going to hit me, but when it does, it is an all-nighter, with drippy nose, itchy sinus area (you know back in the back part of the upper palate in the roof of your mouth). The more it itches, the more you sneeze, and the more you sneeze, the more you have to sneeze. It is terrible and if you have never had such a thing happen to you, you are indeed blessed! It has been a lifelong malady for me, and when it hits me, I am most miserable. (whine-whine-whine).

Well, anyway, last evening about ten p.m. it hit me good. So, here I was, trying to stop, and wanting to go to bed and sleep, with no hope in sight for it. Using up toilet tissue (Charmin is really soft on the nose, and I keep a roll of it in my computer room for blowing my nose and wiping drippy nose with it) and hoping the sneezing would stop. Anyway, it slowed down a little bit, and I thought maybe there would be some sleep for me. I carried a piece of tissue with me when I went to bed. Two hours later there had been no sleep, and the tissue was now a ragged piece of paper that looked like it had been through the wars, and still the nose dripped.

Up to the bathroom for a nightly visit, then back to bed, trying to sleep. I did finally get a couple of hours rest, and dreamed that Dubby and I were getting ready to get married and I looked at the engagement ring on my right hand that I still wear (after all, it is a beautiful diamond ring) and told him we could use it instead of buying a new one. He said he reckoned that was a good idea, and about that time I woke up. No more sleep and so when I finally got up about 7, I went ahead and got ready to go to church. I was really dragging, but thought maybe I could make it. I did make it for Sunday School, but decided to come home and have breakfast and then go to bed to rest. Fortunately, after a few sneezes this morning, it seemed to clear up. That is the way it usually does. Hay fever, allergies, etc. have been a life-long plague to me. (Runs in the family, unfortunately)

As refreshment coordinator for my Sunday School class, I have a clipboard with a chart that people in the class sign up to bring refreshment snacks for class on Sunday morning. That way, people in the class don't have to worry about having breakfast at home. They just wait and have snacks just before class begins. People needed to be signed up for the next four Sundays, so that was one responsibility that took me there today. I also had promised to bring some food for the Senior Group for lunch today. So, last night I diced a bunch of tomatoes, and this morning, I carried those with me as well. If it had not been for those two things, I probably wouldn't even have crawled out of bed this morning. Responsibilities lie heavy on my shoulders if I do not carry them out. It is the way I was raised and how I raised my two daughters. Promises must be kept if at all possible.

Well, after I got home, I made breakfast and a little later (after it had time to digest) I went to bed, hoping to go to sleep. No such luck..but I did rest an hour or so. Hopefully, now I can stay awake until real time to go to bed. Autumn is a time of allergies and they will be with me until winter really comes. Then there will be spring and summer to look forward to. Ha ha ha. Then I'll feel like the little dwarf, Sneezy, again. Oh, well.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family (they are friends, too). Bye for now.


Teresa said...

You poor thing. You should try claritin. They sell that over the counter and it is really good to take care of allergies. It also does not make you drowsy. There is also benedryl that I know you've taken before...couldn't you take that? Of course, that would be for the night time because it does make you drowsy.

Grammy said...

I may go back to taking two benedryl at night. I have cut to just one, and I'm sure that one helped me stop for the last part of last night. Thanks. Love you

Anonymous said...

I was also going to suggest benedryl at night. For me, and all people are different, I can take 1 benedryl during the day for allergies, or 2 at night. Claritin is awesome, also. I am highly allergic to dust and cats. Ha! So I have no cats, but cannot seem to always conquer the dust! :) I hope you sleep better tonight!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ruby, I've been sneezing all day - I feel your pain!

WhisperingWriter said...

Yup, I once sneezed 10 times in a row. My husband thought it was hilarious.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Most days I sneeze anything up to 12 times, once I didn't sneeze for 2 months got worried, but it returned again, My son is the same.

Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

I have suffered with allergies all my life. When I was a child school started up in September and I would have hay fever so bad I could not start with everyone else. I am so allergic to ragweed in the fall. Sure hope you feel lots better by now.

Grammy said...

Hey, thanks all of you for your well wishes for me. My sneezing has always come and gone. It can be gone one minute and back the next. Ragweed has always bothered me, too, among many other things. Kids in school thought I was hilarious...I guess I would have laughed, too, hearing others if I had not been on the other side of the sneezing. Ha ha.Ain't funny, McGhee!
Today is another day, after all.