Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Adventures

Hey, Y'all,
Question: When is a left turn lane not a left turn lane? Answer: When it turns into an intersection. Why do I ask this dumb question? Well, ya see, yesterday when I was returning from the Artisan theater, I was on Pipeline and this little box on my windshield said a left turn was coming up, I got into the left turn lane (they have some pretty long turn lanes here) and not really noticing that I was putting myself and my car in danger, pulled forward to get behind the vehicle stopped in front of me. I looked out the windshield and all at once realized I was FACING a vehicle that was facing me. OOOPS! I was in the intersection and fortunately, he was stopped, too. I made a quick illegal left turn into the street to my left and got out of the way. Then after I thanked Jesus, I went on and did a quick turnaround and got across Pipeline and went on to the next corner where I did the turn I was supposed to do.

My very next thoughts were, "I hope there was no policeman around and no body reporting me" because I may do some dumb maneuvers, but I am not stupid. No body wants a ticket for dumb mistakes like I made. I got home without further incident.

Now then, about my trip to the theater. I found my way to the vicinity of the theater with my little GPS, but not to the exact spot. You see, this theater's name is not on the front and the building is kind of tucked back away from the street (naturally they make locations hard to find sometimes- and no, it is not my eyesight at fault here) because the stupid GPS told me it was on my right. It didn't know, either! Ha. It even said, "You have reached your destination." Little did it know, because, after all, it couldn't see it any better than I could.

Anyway, after driving around in the area for several minutes, I saw a CVS on the corner and pulled into the drive-through drug pickup lane, I asked the kind lady who was working at the window for some help. She said, "Oh, oh, I don't live in this area, so I am not sure where the Artisan theater is." One of the other workers inside said she thought it could be the little theater called the Bellaire that was in the shopping area across the street. I said, "Thank you" and proceeded back onto the street and down the block. I crossed over the highway and down into the area, and sure enough, that was the location.

I parked the car and spoke to a couple sitting out on a park bench in front of the building, and went on in. I took the receipt for my ticket which I had purchased online a week ago, and handed it to one of the fellows standing behind the counter. He took it and looked through the tickets in a box, and couldn't find the ticket. He checked the list he had, and said, "your name is on here, but I can't find the ticket." Some others came in and picked up their tickets, while I stood there waiting. Finally, after the other guy had looked as well for my ticket, one of them took a slip of paper and wrote my name and seat number on it, and said, "Here, this will work." And it did, of course. If challenged, I had my receipt with me, anyway.

Well, as I stood in line waiting for the door to the inner part of the theater to open, I was complimented on my hat (the one in my picture) and of course, I said, "Thank you," and smiled. I saw a lady wearing a big red hat, a purple outfit, and purple shoes that looked like she should really be uncomfortable in the shoes. I figured she must be part of the Red Hat Society, or like me, just likes hats, and wearing red and purple. Don't you just love purple? I have noticed it is a favorite of a lot of ladies. It sings to me. Ha.

After we got inside, and were seated, I had fun watching the people come in and listening to what they were saying. A couple came in and sat behind me and were talking about what the show was going to be like. (To Kill a Mockingbird was the play that was performed) He said, "It's not a musical, is it? I hope not." She said, "No, it is a drama." I turned and said, "Can you imagine what it would sound like as a musical?" The music and lyrics for it? Da Da Da Dum....(making sounds like a highly dramatic song). They probably thought I was nuttier than a fruitcake. ha ha.

There was a couple who came in and sat next to me. They seemed like they were maybe in their twenties. The wife sat right next to me and kept blowing her nose and slightly coughing. I thought, "Oh, no, she has a cold or the flu, or allergies one", and I couldn't know which it was, so I kept leaning to my left away from her. There was an empty seat next to me on the other side, and I kept thinking, "I'll just move over one," but didn't want to hurt her feelings. Finally, during the intermission, they left to take a break, and he came back first. I asked him if she had a cold or allergies. He said, "Allergies." I said, "Bless her heart, I have those, too. They have been really bad this year." So, I didn't worry so much about her nose-blowing after she came back.

The play was wonderful, but I couldn't help picturing the actor who played Atticus Finch in the movie when I was watching the play. The actor who portrayed him in th play did an excellent job and was more the image most people have of southern lawyers than Gregory Peck was.

Well, that is my story of my little adventures yesterday. Hope you enjoyed it. I sure did. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and loved ones. Bye for now.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Grammy, glad you're okay! Remember, the adventure is supposed to be on stage, not while driving your car.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I do enjoy reading about what you get up to, be careful driving won't you.
Pleased you enjoyed the theatre and the lady had allergies and not the flu,although allergies are not nice to have.

Do have a lovely Sunday.
Yvonne TN said...

I loved the book and the movie, "To Kill A Mockingbird." I had never read the book until two weeks ago and then it came on TV here and I watched the movie. I would like to see the play. The movie was good, but the book was better. I'm glad you got to the theatre safe and sound. You be careful!

Calfkeeper said...

Glad you survived your adventure in the left turn lane.
I like your hat too, and the color purple. To me purple warbles. Yellow sings, orange shouts, and red honks. hahaha...