Monday, August 30, 2010

Did Someone Say "Party"?

Hey, Y'all,
Yeah, yesterday was a real party time, and I loved every minute of it, because as I said the other day, "All grandmothers of the bride or groom have to do is just show up." Yesterday morning began with Sunday School, followed by church. Then the ladies of our group went to lunch at a nearby Subway and had lots of fun just talking and eating. Those in my group were Carol (mother of the bride), Marlene (mother of the groom), Amy (wife of Matthew and sister in law of bride), Emily (the bride), and yours truly.

After we had finished lunch we hot-footed it (actually drove, that is) back to the church and I went into the fellowship hall where the bridal shower was being held, and the other four people in my group went into the new educational building of the church to take a tour of it. I went in to the fellowship hall and observed the preparations going on. I actually sat down and watched (no fool I, knowing I would be there for quite a while).

Pretty soon the room began to fill up with those coming to the shower, and also a lot of gifts were brought in and placed on and around the designated table. I took a few pictures of the refreshment table. Believe me, there was some really good and delicious stuff put out for us to partake of. There were four kinds of cake: carrot cake, chocolate cake, french vanilla cake, and red velvet cake. Those were each decorated with an inedible, but beautiful, artificial flower (which was removed of course before cutting). I later chose to eat a small piece of the chocolate and the carrot cake, along with ice cream (which you will note in a picture) above.

We must have had at least 40 ladies attending the shower along with a few children who had a wonderful time as well. Among the children were Julia and Andrew's two little girls, Brooke (5 months) and Alyssa, almost two. They are just absolutely adorable, judged so even by those not related to them. Emily's bridesmaids were in attendance, helping her open the gifts, and having a great deal of fun doing it. They helped her keep them in order. Their names are Jessica, Katie, Lauren,Amy, and Amy. You will hear more about them as the days go by, I think.

Amy's mom, Jan, has been taking pictures of Emily for her wedding, and is a wonderful photographer. We are trying to encourage her to turn professional photographer. Her pictures are amazing and well worth paying for. She sat at the same table as Carol and I, along with Marlene, and three of Carol's neighbors, Linda, Sydney, and Mary. What a fun time we had, laughing and joking. and of course, eating!

After Emily had opened her presents, the mothers (Carol and Marlene) each spoke to and of Emily concerning hers and Ben's courtship and upcoming marriage. It was quite beautiful and I regret it was not recorded. It would have been worthwhile for Ben and Emily to have had to replay in years to come.

Following the ending of the shower, we all adjourned, with Daryl, Ben, and Ben's dad, (Todd) joining Emily, Jessica, Katie, Lauren, Carol and me. We then proceeded to Ben's apartment where he and Emily will be living after the wedding. We carried the gifts up to the apartment (well, actually, they carried the gifts up. It was all I could do to climb the three long flights of stairs up to the apartment, thank you very much. We checked out the apartment (it is really a nice place for them to begin their married life) and of course, we oohed and aahed over it because it is ooh and ah worthy.

After we sat around a had a lot of fun talking on various subjects, we decided to hit the local pizza joint (Cici's) and had a really great supper, and following that we went back to our respective homes, and just kind of collapsed, I reckon. It was a full and busy day and a good thing I didn't have to do anything except show up. Ha ha.
That's the way, I like it, Uh-huh, Uh-huh.

Pictures are:
1. Emily making bows for wedding reserved pews, being helped by fiance, Ben, and Marlene, her mother-in-law to be.
2. Matthew eating some ice cream, sitting by his recent bride, Amy, before shower.
3. Table with cakes, candles, and decorations.
4. Honoree with hostesses.
5. Jan, Amy, Marlene
6. Me, Carol, Emily - 3 generations
7. Alyssa with Aunt
8. Yum!
9. A toast! Me and Jan, getting ready to eat our ice cream.
10. Friends: Linda, Mary, Me, Jan
11. Emily between her two mothers

Well, folks, that is about it for today. I have more to do around here today, so I had better get moving. It is getting on into the afternoon. I stopped to have lunch with Carol while ago, and time is a'wastin' you know. This is Blabbin' Grammy about to sign off for today. Today is the 25th birthday of my grandson, Guillermo, who is known to those who are in his family as B.J. Happy birthday to you, my dear! I love you so very much! Wish I could see you and hug you and talk to you in person!

Well, folks, that is it. Much love to each of you, and bye for now. More later.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I am so pleased you had a good time at the wedding shower,
The pictures were lovely to look at. You don't seem to sit down for long. I hope your grandson have a wonderful birthday.

I would like to thank you for your visit and kind somment. It was lovely inspiring words you wrote about yourself.

I gave you that particular award as you have shown us all what a remarkable lady you are and am proud to have you as a friend.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looks like you had fun! Bridal shower means no guys, right? Bummer. The ice cream looked good!

myletterstoemily said...

what a happy day! many blessings
on the sweet little bride to be.

arlee bird said...

What fun that looks like. I love family gatherings, but I get few with my side of the family, them being so far away. We get together with my wife's family every once in a while since they are nearby. But most of the ones that are my age don't speak English so I end up just listening or hanging out with the young folks who do speak English.
You definitely made the right choice in picking the carrot and chocolate cake, but I think I would have also had to at least sample the red velvet cake.

Tossing It Out

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful, full day!
So many goodies and so much loving fellowship - wow, what more can ya ask for?
I happened to notice you have a necklace just like mine! My hubby bought me one just like that a few yrs. ago. I love turquoise and anything Native American. It looks like you have good taste in jewelry too! **wink**

WhisperingWriter said...

That sounds (and looks) like it was a fantastic time!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

Hi, I have been missing n action lately... sorry.. and I just found out you lost your husband.. I am sorry you lost your friend and companion... I will be coming around again more often... THe party looked fun... yum