Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Settling in

Hey, Y'all,
If any of you thought I would be lonely out here, think again. Of course, I miss my family and friends back in Tennessee. I would have to be the most shallow of persons not to miss them. If any of you thought I would be unhappy out here, think again. It ain't happenin'. I do get to talk to people out in Tennessee just as I got to talk to people out here before my move. I just moved my immediate sphere of being.

Monday at noon, Carol came and had lunch with me, and it was lovely. She stopped and picked up Chinese for our lunch, of which we both only ate half of our lunches, and she left hers with me in the fridge so she could pick it up before going home from work. (Which she did, of course). I had the second half of mine last night for supper. I can't eat too much salt in one day, and neither can she.

Yesterday, I saw on Facebook that Amy, Matt's wife, was at loose ends and wanted to go to lunch with someone, so I sent her a message that I would be happy to go out to lunch with her, so we went to LePeep's here in Bedford, and we had a delightful time together and came back here to visit for awhile.

In the afternoon, grandson, Andrew, came over and did some chores for me that I didn't have the ability to do for myself, and when he left he had installed a hand= held shower attachment in my bathroom, discovered what he would need to connect the icemaker and water dispenser to my fridge, replaced the panel to the attic that the tevee serviceman left open (out in the garage), and removed a shelf support from my closet that someone had tried unsuccessfully to remove (a stubborn nail that would not be pulled from the wall) and had a piece of freshly made apple pie that I had made on Monday evening. Yum!

He came back this morning after dove hunting, and finished the job on the fridge connection and he also leveled my kitchen range for me. How wonderful to have grandsons that are so talented. I am sure this is because they have worked with their dad, while growing up and doing projects around the house and also their own homes. They are also taking turns mowing my yard, along with their dad and Ben, Emily's fiance and soon to be groom.

Speaking of grandsons, the other day was BJ's birthday, and today is Daniel's birthday, Carol and Daryl's oldest son. BJ was 25, and Daniel is 33. Happy birthday, guys!

BJ's mom, Teresa, is having a port implanted in her chest today to have chemotherapy for the next five months, followed by radiation. Please continue to pray with us as we share our concerns for her, Tom, and BJ, and our faith in what God is doing in her life. We know that He is in charge of all things. Thank you all so very much.

I am in the process of deciding what pictures go where, and when I get them put up, my house will basically be finished with arranging. I am not planning on going anywhere today, so I will be just hangin' around here. Still got things to go through to get ready for the family to choose mementos that belonged to Dub, after I set aside things I intend to send to those back home, and in a few other places.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends, and I look forward to reading some more of the blogs that I have been trying to follow. Thanks to Yvonne of Welcome to My World of Poetry, listed in my blogs of interest, for the award at the top of my blog. She is a constant encourager, and does all her blogs in poetic form. More later. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Hi Ruby, I am sorry I have been so remiss in commenting. I have been visiting lots and keeping up with all of your goings on. You are in my prayers and I am so happy to hear that you are adjusting to your new home and surroundings. It does all of us very good to know you are in such wonderful hands with family and friends!

God's blessings to you today!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ruby, you're wearing me out!

Jan said...

Way to go, Ruby!

Barbara said...

I am sure you are very happy with your family around.How wonderful to be able to have lunch with Carol.That is surly a treat for you.Enjoy//

unnamed lad said...

if you have any of that apple pie left...i'd be happy to catch the next flight:)

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so encouraging Ruby. May God continue to touch, heal, provide for, and continue to draw your precious family closer to His heart.