Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updating Stuff and All

Hey, Y'all,
Yes, it is me...back in East TN and as much as I enjoyed being out there deep in the heart of Texas (well, actually the northeast portion), it is good to be back here. It was a wonderful wedding, and pictures were posted on facebook, but I will be posting a few here when I have a little bit more time.

When I got back here on Sunday, I was picked up at the airport by our neighbors, Scott and Laurie and their daughter, Olivia. We stopped for lunch at Applebee's near the airport. It was yummy! Then it was on to the house so I could pick up my little red Yaris, and head for the hospital to spend time with Gramps. He was glad to see me, and I to see him. All the reports from the doctors and nurses were good as to his surgery.

He had been quite agitated, however, and not understanding why he was there. He believed it was all some kind of conspiracy and did not remember falling on Friday. He wanted me to contact his Uncle Court who used to be a lawyer (and married to his Aunt Lula - who he sometimes thinks I am). He said if his Uncle Court would not take the case, then to contact lawyer Parks who used to practice law in Jefferson City. Now, unfortunately, he does not know that all three of those people are gone on to their rewards. The only way I could contact them would be maybe with a Ouija board. ha. Anyway, I told him I would take care of it, and he said "Okay, I'll put it all in your hands."

The night nurse cleared out the space between the two beds in his room (the other bed in his room was empty) and so she pushed the other bed over next to his and I was able to sleep right next to him, and we both slept very well on Sunday night. However the next night was different. He was not going to sleep at all. They gave him Demerol for pain during the day and then gave him something that was supposed to knock him out, but did not affect him at all. He spent the night pulling off his gown, and trying to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom. (They removed the Foley on Monday morning and put Depends on him.) He had not been used to wearing them and was insistent on getting up the way he was used to. Now, unfortunately, the only time he was going to be able to get up at first was with the therapist.
The nurses and workers at Morristown Hamblen Hospital are wonderful and so very caring. We thank them so very much for all they did for us!

One time on Monday night, he actually got his legs over the side of the bed and was on his way to standing up. He is a very strong man, and determination goes a long way in a person. He had his feet nearly to the floor by the time I saw him at 4 a.m. ( I had been lying on the bed facing him and had left some space next to his bed so that the nurses could come in and change him if they needed to.) Needless to say, there was no sleep for me or him on Monday night. I had been talking to the Social worker about getting him into a nursing home for rehabilitation. A bed came open for him at the Jefferson County Nursing Home, about 10 miles away from our home, so we were able to get him placed there.

Yesterday afternoon, I went with Allie to meet with Debbie, admissions officer for JCNH and we spent nearly four hours filling out paperwork for his admission to JCNH. By the time we were through, Gramps had been moved there and he is in room 6a. One of the first things he said to me was "get me out of here", but of course, that can't be right now. I do promise that when he is recovered enough to where he can walk again and is stronger, he will be back home with me, as long as is possible. The people at JCNH are wonderful and I look forward to a good experience with them.

When he was getting ready to go into surgery, Allie was with him and he opened his eyes and looked up at her, and said the same thing "Get me out of here". Bless his heart. I know exactly how he felt. I have felt the same way every time I had to have one of the many surgeries I have experienced in my lifetime.

We left the nursing home after having settled him in, and went to Shoney's to have a supper meal, and Allie and I hugged each other and went our separate ways for the evening. I watched a couple of hours of tevee and then went to bed and slept until 5 a.m. and couldn't sleep any more. So here I am. I have washed one load of laundry and have another to go. Breakfast is yet to be eaten and I have read and deleted e-mail, checked my facebook and looked at pictures of the wedding posted on Carol's page. I will be posting pictures later when I have time to download from my camera and all that jazz. Right now, I am just trying to clear the fog from my brain and rest my back somewhat.

Thank all of you, my blogging friends for the prayers and well-wishes you have sent to and for us. I will be visiting blogs when I can. Business matters have been left to be taken care of as well, which I am in the process of caring for. It looks like it is going to be raining here over the next few days (including today) but rain I can deal with. Welcome to my new followers as well! I am so blessed to have so many friends...and appreciate all of those whose thoughts are with us.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grammy, I am so glad you are back home safe and in charge! I had to smile at your humor when you mentioned the Ouija board. It always amazes me how you take things in stride and your outlook on things. My dad broke his hip one time and everything you say about Gramps reminds me of that experience with Dad. He did recover and was able to walk again and came back home. He also kept us all up at night because the medicines did not make him sleep.
He was a big man, too, and never took much in the way of medicine in his lifetime and the ones they gave him sometimes acted in reverse.
I did see some of the wedding pictures on your facebook page. I am sure it was a beautiful wedding.
Take care and know that I am thinking and praying for you both.
Love and hugs.

Charmaine Clancy said...

Ruby, I'm so glad to hear you're well and Gramps is doing okay. I feel for him being stuck in care, but it sounds like he'll be looked after well.
You two are the most romantic couple I've ever come across. :-)

aLmYbNeNr said...

Poor Gramps. I can understand wanting to get the hell outta dodge but hopefully the surgery will make him feel better in the long run and it IS necessary. I know you'll visit him a lot and it is so NICE that there is only ten miles between you. I know you will be bringing him comfort and lighting up the whole place.
But for now, I hope you get some rest and soothe your back and just unwind from the stress and the traveling and the wedding.
Have a lovely day!

Kathleen said...

How I enjoyed your blog! I sure wish my mom wasn't terrified of the computer... She's 95, caring for Papa who can't remember anything beyond who we are, and she needs a better network of prayers and friends. At 90, she's still a terrific writer, and would do a wonderful blog. She's also really funny. I think it would be such good therapy for her. I know he's hard to handle alone. She's in California and we're in Colorado (RetiredInTheRockies).

Bless you for your loving attitude.

Sugar said...

Glad to hear you two are doing ok. My dad had hallucinations after his surgery, for a few days, and it was scary and funny at the same time. they think it was all the meds, and his oxygen levels. they got pretty scary. but he's on the mend and in a rehab home till he can go home :) I hope gramps heals well. Take care of your self too :)

myletterstoemily said...

dear grammy,

you have the most remarkable attitude
in the midst of terrible trials.

i am praying for dubs swift recovery
and for you to have some rest.


Bud Ezekiel H. said...

hi Ruby...

i'm glad that you're so "on top of things" taking place in both of your lives. my mom didn't tell any of us children the hardship she was enduring until her time was nearly up. both of my parents were fiercely independent (apples don't fall far from the tree, i guess) and always reject help of any kind from everyone. dad didn't take kindly to wearing depends and putting him in a nursing home was an absolute neccessity. you're an amazing woman! i'm praying for you and your's...

Grammy said...

Hey, Y'all,
Thanks for the wonderful "boosts" you all give to me. It helps me to keep "on top of things" as Bud says. I asked the nurse this morning how he did last night, and she said, "okay" and to me that just means he didn't succeed in getting out of bed or falling. Ha.
I did get my bags unpacked from my trip this morning and two loads of laundry done and put away, and am in process of hanging up the clothes that Mark and Allie brought home from the Terrace Estates where he was when he fell.
Lots to do yet, but am taking my time getting it done. No hurry. ha.
Love to all of you, my friends.

Linda L. Henk said...

I too add my prayers for you and Gramps. One of the hardest things for my parents was when they no longer could stay in the home they had for over 30 years. Glad you're home safe and I'm looking forward to news.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you're home safe. Maybe you need to sit on him to keep him in bed?

azdarlene said...

Hey Ruby, Glad you are home to see after Dub. I think he is glad you are home to. Will be praying for you to have the strength that God can give you during this time. Praying for Dub so he will understand what is going on. Get plenty of rest because you will need it when he gets home.
Love you,
Darlene and Mark

negwynn said...

Ruby, sorry to hear you left us, but thanks for the kinds words about us at MHHS. I look forward to hearing about how well he is doing and how you are keeping up as well!!
Get some rest dear. You did not get much in the hospital.

Ellie said...

Glad you are back on home turf!
I hope it is just short term for Gramps! Determination is strong,that is a great sign! Hang in there,(((Hugs)))~

Marjorie said...

Well, Gramps is so feisty which is good. That means that he will recover quickly. Know that my prayers are with you and Gramps for a speedy recovery.

arlee bird said...

My oh my, Ruby, but you are one busy lady. Glad your trip went well but it's also good that you're home. I wish Gramps a speedy recovery so he can go back to his familiar home territory.


Trudy said...

Ah, you poor dears. I'm glad that Gramps was able to get into a nursing home for recuperation and that he is receiving good care, but I know it was your hope to bring him straight home after your return from the wedding. Setbacks are tough but I know you will all do well with God's help. You are in my prayers for a fast and uneventful healing and for Gramps to get back home soon!

God bless Ruby!