Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Improvement

Hey, Y'all,
I am beginning to see some improvement in Gramps' condition. He walked yesterday with support and using his walker for a good way in the hall. The physical therapist took him out of the room and walked him. I followed with his wheel chair so that it came with them. I am spending several hours a day with him and attempting to get him to drink more liquids and also helping him eat his lunch and supper.

When we brought him back from the hospital, I had gathered up the things that were there with him and one of them was a tube of lubricating lotion. I left it on his tray table at the nursing home when I left there on Wednesday afternoon. Well, I should not have done that. When I got to the nursing home yesterday morning, he told me that someone had come in and stopped him from putting more in his mouth. He had thought it was something to eat, and squeezed some into his mouth. I said, "Oh, my goodness, did you swallow it?" He said, "Yeah, it was in my mouth and it just went on down." I have to be so very careful about what he gets his hands on, because he is just like a curious child. He must have pulled out at least five IV needles during the time he was in the hospital.

He asked me yesterday what kind of military place he was in, and I told him that it is not a military place, but a nursing home. He also asked me if Mae (our sister-in-law) owned it. I replied that no, she has nothing to do with it. He wanted to know how many rooms were in this (nursing home) house. I told him that maybe a hundred or so people lived in it. He said that was really big.

Sometimes I leave the nursing home for awhile to eat lunch around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then return before his suppertime. It helps to get away for awhile. He told me yesterday that he wants me to stay with him all the time. I told him that I was sorry but that I have to go home at night and rest some and do laundry and stuff like that. I plan on having lunch with Allie today around one o'clock at the Minnis House Tea Room in New Market. I look forward to that. I usually have my lunch alone. He doesn't have many visitors except he had quite a few on last Sunday when he was still in the hospital.

Well, it is almost 8 a.m. and I have yet to have my breakfast. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love and many thanks for the support to all of you, my friends and family out there in Blogland. Bye for now.


Tanya said...

i am glad to hear that there has been some improvement. It must be so hard for him being so confused, and hard for you too of course. I miss you all.


Pleased to know there is some improvement in Gramps, it will tkae some time but I'm sure all will be well.

Take care Ruby.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ruby, just do what you can.

Barbara said...

I am so sorry you are having so much worry about Gramps.Maybe things will get better as days go by.You are in my prayers.Hang in there.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Sounds like Gramps is improving some, and that's a good thing. Be sure to take care of yourself, Ruby.

I just got back from spending a week with my mom, who is 91. She seems to be getting along okay. My brother lives close enough to check on her every day and take her to appointments and such, but I sure wish she lived closer to me.

Unknown said...

improvement is better than none.. I hope your getting your own rest too???

Unknown said...

It sounds like his sense of humor and inquisitiveness is coming back, I would take that as a good sign. One day at a time, my dear..I hope things continue to improve for Gramps, and you too!

Blessings to you all!