Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Festival of Tables - 2010

Hi, Hey, y'all,
I know I have already posted today, but I wanted you all to see these pictures of some of the tables at our Festival of Tables today. There were 18 tables that had been decorated by ladies of our church, and attended by ladies who were invited to lunch at them. Each table had different ladies to decorate them, and they had to come up with a theme for the table they decorated. Four of the tables are shown.

I can't tell you the theme of the one of the big bouquet in the center, but the one with the GAs in front of it was GAs (Girls in Action). The one with the pink bag in the chair was called "Appalachian Outreach" which was based on the mission that Carson Newman does in collaboration with the Samaritan House and the Baptist churches in our area. In the summertime churches in other states and areas come in to our area and do repair work on homes that belong to needy families or persons. That is my friend, Judy, with her daughter, Chris, standing behind the table. Judy decorated that table.

The other table was decorated by another lady, whose name is Faye (and whose children I taught many years ago) and that is the table at which Imazo and I sat. We are standing next to it, as you can recognize it in the other picture. Its theme is "Spring". The ladies do this Festival every year, and the men serve the food, led by the Pastor. Most of the men who serve are deacons. I have decorated a table for the Festival quite a few times, but last year I was still recovering from my reconstructive repair surgery from gall bladder surgery gone bad, and this year I was planning on being on the road traveling with Gramps to Texas.

Today, I decided to wear my new shoes that I bought to wear to Matt and Amy's wedding next Saturday. OOPS! Big mistake in a way, but I may be taking my older shoes along just in case. I plan to wear the new ones on the plane. If I can still walk when I get to Texas, I may wear them to the wedding. The hat I have on is to wear to the wedding as well. I was making a test run with them.

Our lunch menu today was as follows: croissants, grilled chicken breast. scalloped potatoes, green beans, muffins and honey butter, and for dessert we had a brownie with vanilla ice cream. Drinks were: water, ice tea, and coffee. it was really good, folks! I guess I will have a scrambled egg for supper, with some raisin bread. That will be good and light.

Someone asked me if I had hot tea at the tea room yesterday, and I could have, but since it was quite warm yesterday, I had raspberry flavored ice tea.

Welcome to a new reader to my blog, Linda Henk! She makes number 51 but who's counting? I just love to have someone else to visit with. Well, folks, that is about it for today. Two postings in one day. I do that every once in awhile. Much love to each of you. I am planning on going to church tomorrow since Gramps is not here, and then I plan on going to visit with him after I have lunch and eat supper with him. I wonder if he will know me or think I am still his Aunt Lula. We shall see. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off again. Bye for now. More later.


Beth said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a very pleasant luncheon! :) Ladies church socials are always fun.

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i just love your hat! sorry the shoes
hurt but better to find out now than be
miserable at the wedding. :)

Shannon said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time Ruby!

Anonymous said...

The tables are beautiful. I love all the different colours. :o) ow new shoes!! I hope you don't get any big blisters XX

Ellie said...

Lovely, how fun! I love your new hat, very glam, YOU look wonderful~

Wendy aka Quillfeather. said...

Grammy, you look as lovely as the table decorations! That doesn't sound quite like I meant it! You know what I mean :)

I love popping in here, that's why I've left you a little gift in my blog:)

Carol Fleisher said...

Sounds like a wonderful, fun day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Julie said...

You are such a beautiful looking granny. Not sure where gramps is but hope all is okay with him. Home has to be pretty quiet right now. Thanks for sharing your party and your day.
Take care and God Bless.
I'm going to miss you A-Z, it was such a great way to get to know you!!

Grammy said...

Dear (my letters to Emily...I lost one of your comments. I'm sorry. sometimes it just doesn't cooperate. I read it but it didn't up load.

Wendy, Thank you so very much for the From Me to You Award.

To Patricia, thank you so very much for the Sweet Blog Award. My goodness gracious, I am just getting so many wonderful plaudits, it makes me swimmy headed.

As you all may guess, I love hats and when I go to church, I always wear one. It seems I am known now for my hats. Ha. The GA leader approached me today and asked about borrowing some of my hats for a tea party that the GAs are having in June. I said, sure,just come on out.

anyway, I have changed my comment page to no moderation, and that way I can automatically get them posted without approval. (I hope)

Grammy said...

To Arlee Bird, Thank you for the A to Z challenge award, too. I reckon my head is just going to swell up too big to wear a hat! I am hoping to keep in touch with all my fellow bloggers! I have never felt so appreciated!
Ruby (aka Grammy)


Thanks for a wonderful post Ruby, lovely pictures and a pleasure to read.