Saturday, May 1, 2010

And Now?...

Hey, Y'all, (Welcome to the new followers on my blog! Wolfie made it 50! Hurray!)

Do you remember the feeling you had when you had finished the semester or year in high school or college or had just finished the huge project you were working on, and didn't quite know what to do with yourself? That is kind of how it feels to me to be finished (except for the evaluation part) of our A to Z Challenge. How about you?

Another thing with me is the fact that Gramps is not at home and it feels mighty strange not to hear him shuffling his feet along or the tap of the cane he uses. He sleeps a lot, but I always know when he is up, because my room, where I am usually on my computer, is adjacent to the bathroom wall. Sometimes he will poke his head into the doorway and say ''good morning" to me, as he heads for the kitchen. I miss him. It kind of lets me know how it will be if I ever have to leave him in the Assisted Living Facility permanently.

I had lunch yesterday at a new tea room we have in our little town (and I do mean little). It is in a house that was purchased by Kim and David, who are members of our church, and it was delightful! The house is called The Minnis House, and was purchased by one of the Minnis Family in 1912. The Minnis family were one of the wealthy families in New Market. As far as I know, they have all been gone for some time now. I will find out more about them and let you know. They once owned the Minnis store and sold all kinds of things. They went out of business sometime in the 1950's I think. Anyway, Kim and David bought it about a year or so ago and have worked on refurbishing it, and have turned it into a Bed and Breakfast, and tea room and gift shop. They have opened the tea room part of it, and are still working on the rest of it. The tea room is open Mon-Saturday from 10:30 til 2:30, and for breakfast on Saturday mornings. I had lunch there with Judy and her mama, Marian.

After lunch, which was soooooo yummy and filling, I came back home and did some tidying up of the house, and lay down for awhile to nap, but unsuccessfully. I watered the plants on my front porch, and sat out there for awhile, then came back in to work at my computer. I did some rearranging of things on one of the kitchen cabinets, and kind of puttered around. By that time, I fixed a sandwich and read a while. It was time for "House" on tevee. I love that show! It is my very favorite of all the shows I watch. This episode was the one where he was in the mental institution and learning that he really did need help putting his life together and he learned that he could let others in and trust them. It was a two hour episode.

I decided that I really needed to cut my toenails. You are thinking, "UGH! Is she going to tell me about that?" Well, yeah...I got my little plastic tub that I put some Clorox and hot water into and stuck my feet into it so the nails could soak and get soft enough to trim easily. I had put the little tub into my bathtub. Then I sat on the bath chair and read for a few minutes, and then, drying off one foot, I grabbed hold of it and twisted my mouth a certain way (important to do if one is going to do a good job of trimming), and proceeded. After I finished with both feet, I took my emery board and smoothed down the rough edges on the nails, and emptied the water, turned the plastic tub upside down and proceeded to get ready for bed.

That was it for the evening. I took my night time meds and headed for bed. How exciting was all that? Ha. Now it is nearly 7 a.m. and I have been up for an hour, ready for a brand new day. This morning, I will be carrying off the trash to the dumpster on the way to pick up my sister-in-law, Imazo, for our Festival of Tables at the church. I will drive to Knoxville, (about 25 miles from here to her house), pick her up (not literally) and we will come back to my church at New Market and enjoy a nice luncheon, followed by a speaker, who - I am sure - will be entertaining and then when that is over, take her back to her home.

More about the Festival tomorrow. I am afraid I do tend to run on - and on - and on. Well, you get the picture. I will be visiting several posts a day, so that by the end of the week, I will have visited a whole bunch of them. I do not want to lose touch with any of you all. I won't visit without leaving a hello to you. When I visit, I do read thoroughly, I am not a skimmer. I feel like if you take your time to write, I should take the time to read it.

Well, that is about it for today. Thank you again for all your support and caring. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my readers out there in Blogland. Bye for now.



Congratulations on your 50th follower, you deserve it Ruby, I feel so happy for you,
I once again enjoyed your news, it's lovely to hear and read what you're upto.

Enjoy your week-end.

Jan said...

I think getting a feel of life without Gramps is good. It will help in the long run when you need to make that adjustment. You do seem to fill your time well with lots of interesting things to do ( even cutting those toenails)!

Barbara said...

Have a wonderful day.I am sure you miss Gramps,but they will care for him there while you are gone.Keep in touch with us while you are away.Loveya/

Ellie said...

I feel like you, now what? I mean
I always have something to say, projects, recipes to share, but will it feel flat. The challenge drove the engine, required one to think
outside the norm.

I hope you have a wonderful afternoon at the Festival of Tables, sounds fun! I love that you went to a tea house, did you have Earl Grey?
Have a Great weekend~ Be safe!

Linda L. Henk said...

I'm next in line to follow your delightful blog! I laughed out loud reading about cutting your toenails. That's something I need to do and soon. My shoes are getting too short.

I'm a friend of Pat Stoltey and connected with your blog through hers. Good writing and fun!

Wanda said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend Ruby and congrats on completing the challenge and reaching a blog milestone. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. God bless you.

Wanda said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend, Ruby. And congrats on completing the challenge and reaching a blog milestone. God bless you.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Ruby -- please stop by my blog post for May 1st when you have time -- I have an award for you:

Grammy said...

Hi, Patricia,
Thank you for the Sweet Blog Award! I Will display it proudly on my blog, and will find five others to pass it on to. I appreciate the recognition.

myletterstoemily said...

dear grammy,

i'm sorry that you are feeling lonely. it
broke my grandpa's heart to leave my
grandma each evening, at the nursing
home, to go home alone. mine, too.

you are such an inspiration of LIVING
your life to the fullest.

it made me chuckle that you couldn't
fall asleep at your nap time, i certainly
would after doing all that you do!


ps. you can read about my other
grandma (under 'nine lives') she
was a real go-getter, too!

Grammy said...

Hello Linda, Welcome to my house. Just think of me as sitting in the kitchen with you at the table chatting over a cup of hot tea or coffee. Glad to have you visit.
Best regards to you,