Friday, May 21, 2010

In Hospital

Hey, Y'all,
I hope this one will make sense to all of you. On Wednesday, Gramps was taken to the hospital with renal failure, and we were not sure he would even make it. We are now much more hopeful. I had been with him most of the day at the nursing home, and he had been complaining for several days with back pain in the area of the kidneys, and I had been telling the personnel there about his complaints. He also had a quite extended belly and it was hurting as well. No one took my or his complaints seriously until Wednesday afternoon when the CNA noticed pink in the commode after Gramps had been on it (but apparently not voiding). Gramps had also not had any stool movements since arriving at the nursing home that we knew of.

Anyway, the nurses had taken blood samples earlier on, and apparently no one had really checked them. When the CNA reported the pink and the nurse checked the blood report, they got on the ball and immediately called the Rescue Squad to transport him to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital (Jefferson Memorial), they examined him and pronounced that he had renal failure and might have to go on dialysis if he so chose. Needless to say, we were quite alarmed and he said he did not want to go on dialysis. I agreed with him. However, they immediately catheterized him and by the next day (yesterday) he was much improved and the doctor said he was almost back to normal. They are also taking care of the other problem.

We had no sooner arrived at the hospital, (I followed the ambulance in my car) when our pastor showed up. I had called Allie, and she had called Judy, and she had told the pastor, Rev. J.W. Taylor, and there he was. It was not long before Allie came and then came Judy and Gene. Dub (Gramps) was taken to the hospital about 4 p.m. and by 8:30 there were 5 of us in the room with him back in the emergency area. By 11 p.m. he was in a room and settled in. Allie spent the night with him and I went home, taking Mark with me so he could crash on the couch and get up early the next morning (Thursday) and go with me back to the hospital.

Would you believe that I just got home (it is early Friday morning) after having spent the last 24 hours with Dub? (except for a short time eating lunch with niece, Donna) yesterday. Today will probably be a full day, too. I have been here at home about an hour and a half. I will be going to eat breakfast at the church with the senior citizens in a few minutes, then back to the hospital. Dub was awake all night until about 5 a.m. when he finally went to sleep. The reason we are spending time with him so much is because he wants to pull out the IV needle and also the catheter in his bladder. I noticed a blood clot in the Foley tube and asked the nurse if that was normal and she said, "no, it isn't". They have run several tests on him (ct scans and x-rays). The doctor told me yesterday that the scans showed either the liver or kidneys as okay and right now I am not sure which it was. I know that is terrible that I can't remember, but well, folks, I have had no sleep for the last 24 hours.

I will write more later because there is a lot more I want to tell you. My internet was on the fritz wednesday night so I couldn't write anything then or yesterday morning. Thank all of you for your prayers and sweet comments. I love all of you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Bye. More later.



Ruby I am so sorry, I'm sure Gramps is in the best place and will be fine in a few days. My thoughts and prayers are with you both, Now get some sleep and take extra care of yourself.


aLmYbNeNr said...

Oh my, Ruby...I was so worried that something had happened when we hadn't heard from you. My thoughts are continuously with you both and I hope Gramps gets better. Please try to get some rest yourself as well.

Ann Best said...

Evidently yesterday Blogger was scrambled - on the fritz. But everything's straightened out now, finally!!!

I'm so sorry about Gramps. You don't know me yet, but I have a daughter who was in a catastrophic accident 24 years ago, and recently my brother-in-law and sister both passed away. I know how nursing homes are. I've left my brain-injured daughter occasionally in one, and once they forgot that they let her go outside and she was locked out!! So I'm not keen on nursing homes, and glad you got to Gramps in time. God bless you. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system with church and family. That's so important.

Jan said...

Oh, Ruby, I am so sorry.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ellie said...

Ruby you are both in my thoughts n' prayers! Could a bad infection, cause this?
Keep us posted and take time out for you, to pray, write, etc to help you cope! Good thing you were there!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Praying for you and Dub!!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you all with strength and wisdom and rest.
I hear the frustration in your words. How horrible to trust your loved one's to medical 'professionals' and have them miss so much. Apparently (even though it's wearing on you) God has you there for a reason!
Praying for Gramps and you and your family - and for God to send dedicated people who will take the time to care for Gramps and keep him healthy.
Hugs and prayers,

Shannon said...

Sweetie my prayers go out to you! Keep the faith!

Linda L. Henk said...

Everyone needs a health advocate as alert and persistent as you are. I send continued prayers. TN said...

Prayers going up for Gramps and for you. Please keep us updated as time permits. Love You! Clara

arlee bird said...

Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have a lot to deal with right now. Take care of yourself.

Tossing It Out

Trudy said...

My dear Ruby, I am so sorry to learn of the trouble with Gramps. Yvonne alerted me to it this afternoon and you have all been in my prayers!

It sounds to me like there is some neglect going on in that nursing home, terribly sad for sure.

I'm off to read your update post now!

Blessings and prayers for you!